“Barça has reduced its income by 30%, it has to have a transition year”

Javier Tebas He appeared before the media on Tuesday after the presentation of the salary limits of the 42 Spanish professional clubs. The president of the League analyzed the economic situation of the teams and spoke about the crisis that Barcelona is going through: “You have reduced your income by 30%, you must have a transition year”.

Coronavirus crisis

“The economic issue and their day to day is important, as is ensuring that people can return to the stadiums as soon as possible. It is not among our priorities. Once the second wave has passed, with the vaccine and the antigen tests, it would be a good time to raise it ».

Barcelona’s economic situation

«With these data we understand the situation that the club has with its players, it has to negotiate with them to reduce their salary. Valencia has also had to sell its players and rethink its treasury. The clubs that depend the least on audiovisual rights have the most problems. It is important that we match our income to expenses. They will not be penalized if they do not meet the limit, but what Barcelona does not reduce this year will affect them for the following season. The problem is seeing how the treasury ends at the end of the season. I believe that now there is no bankruptcy. They are on the road to solving their problems and they have a strategy.

Madrid and Barça

“They both have squads that can be competitive in Europe. Except in England, the rest of the markets have been internal movements. The players from Madrid and Barcelona are competitive and these types of clubs would have to mark a transition year. You can’t be competing for the same thing. Barcelona has to take the bull by the horns to have a correct economic structure. He has reduced his income by 30%, he must have a transition year.

European Super League

«It is still a clandestine league and it only stopped being ten minutes, when Bartomeu came out to say that he had signed. When you talk behind your back about football, you talk without having a clear conscience. It is detrimental to the clubs that participate and those that do not. It would also be a ruin for the fund that wants to put money there, they are going to have fun losing money.


«We are not going to have any special access to vaccines. We hope they will be there shortly, at the end of January or earlier. The former are for people at risk. Once these people are vaccinated, life will change, but football has no foresight to benefit.

Cut club expenses

“It has been cut in salary expenses and also in purchases, although you later write them off. Wages are the fundamental item in which it has been cut. I cannot say that Barcelona has done anything wrong, without the coronavirus we would not be talking about reducing wages.

New legislation on bookmakers

“We have calculated that we are going to stop receiving 90 million. To that must be added the impact of COVID. The most fiscally damaged player in the major leagues is that of Spain. It costs to bring the players. If we do not realize it, we are going to kill ourselves little by little as an industry ”.

Ramos renewal with Madrid

«The same thing I said with Messi: with the departures of great stars of world football we have not noticed it, so with the rest the same. I think he will continue at Madrid ».

Your salary

“I have a large salary and a large part of it is subject to bonuses. A large part of my salary is subject to that and if there is a crisis it will be affected and it will be seen in the 20/21 accounts ».

Malaga crisis

He’s making a great effort. It has a double problem: it came from a decline in First and the reduction in income derived from it and the COVID crisis. The effort they are making is very important and they are abiding by the rules without excuse. We congratulate them from here, they have a double circumstance that does not occur in all clubs.

Problems at Betis

“They have several options: sell players or adjust salaries, or both. I don’t see them with cash flow problems. Most clubs, including Barcelona and Valencia, with what they are doing, the result should not be worrying. We have to put measures now that we see light at the end of the tunnel ».