Barça falls in Tenerife and must decide at the Palau

06/09/2021 at 11:18 PM CEST

ANDl Barça will play their pass to the final of the Endesa League at the Palau after falling on the track of Lenovo Tenerife (80-68), in a duel where the couple Huertas-Shermadini did a lot of damage (47 points), together with the bad game in attack of Barça, personalized in Mirotic (1 d 11).



Lenovo Tenerife, 80

(15 + 23 + 20 + 22): Fitipaldo (2), Salin (5), Cavanaugh (10X), Doornekamp (6X), Shermadini (21X) -starting five-, Huertas (26X), López (0), Jenkins (3), Rodríguez (2), Sulejmanovic (1), Guerra (4)

Barça, 68

(19 + 16 + 20 + 13): Calathes (4), Higgins (12), Abrines (2), Mirotic (10), Davis (12) -starting five-, Smits (0), Westermann (0), Hanga (5), Bolmaro (2), Gasol (15), Kuric (6),


Emilio Pérez, Antonio Conde and Sergio Manuel


Second match of the Endesa League semifinal, at Santiago Martín, before 1,000 spectators

The Barca He started very concentrated defensively but also forgot to attack, in a disconcerting start in attack (2-3). Without offensive success, -Mirotic, with 0 of 4 in that initial period -but with good defense, he maintained control in a very physical game, but not very showy. A triple of Hanga gave the Catalans a little air (9-13), although a successful Huertas (10), kept Lenovo Tenerife very close (15-19).

Those of Txus Vidorreta came out with a better disposition, to get ahead (20-19), although Kuric tried to keep Barça close (20-25).

Huertas-Shermadini, decisive

But Tenerife He insisted on his most effective ‘duo’ Huertas (13) -Shermadini (9), who did a lot of damage while Mirotic kept failing everything he threw (0 of 6). In the best minutes of the premises, managed to turn it around (36-31) after Jenkins’ triple.

To rest, minimum income for the locals (38-35) in a locked duel, where the local team tied up a very failed Barça andn attack (2 of 11 in triples) despite the good defense of Saras’ team.

Barça experienced the worst minutes at the start of the third quarter. Huertas and Shermadini controlled the Tenerife attack without being able to stop them in the ‘pick and roll’ while the Barça was shipwrecked in attack. An 11-0 run for the locals looked fatal for Jasikevicius’s (49-37).

Saras decided to make a radical change to the team, with Gasol and Bolmaro, and the bet turned out well.. A great defense, with Pau leading the team -with a triple included-, and Mirotic’s slight awakening with his first triple, allowed Barça un favorable partial of 2-10 and get into the game at the end of the quarter (58-55).

No final reaction

But the effort made to get into the game, disappeared in a jiffy. A partial 11-0 to open the fourth gave Lenovo the maximum (69-55).

The azulgrana, misguided in the shot, tried to react, and approached 6 (69-63). But Lenovo made more merits, and now Barça will play it tomorrow, at the Palau (22.00).

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