Barbie silhouette, Daniella Chávez wears pink lace charms

Barbie silhouette, Daniella Chávez wears pink lace charms (INSTAGRAM)

Barbie silhouette, Daniella Chávez wears pink lace charms | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful influencer Y model chilean Daniella Chávez usually uploads some pretty and sometimes very attractive videos in her states, the one that we will address today can be considered one of the most flirtatious that she has published so far, for appearing in this Baby doll from pink lace so pretty that it perfectly adorned her charms.

That’s right, today we will tackle a short video in which we can appreciate the beauty of the young chilean one more time but this time from inside her walking closet, in which he was waddling his cell phone camera with a pink lace and a cape of the same color of silk, pieces that make up his newest and most beautiful outfit for which he wanted to show us off.

In the clip, the model took her best poses and her most flirtatious face to continue pampering her loyal audience, who enjoy every piece of entertainment that uploads to their profile for them, either in the form of a publication or a story, in both ways. it is always an excellent investment of time to pay attention to it.

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And of course she is fascinated by the attention and much more than thanks to it she has managed to get contracts with fashion very important and is looking to get even better ones, this because she loves some companies and would very much like to work with them as is the case of Louis vuitton.

In his stories, as usual, he also placed an image with positive words with which he seeks to convey to his fans a bit of his optimism so that they too can have an excellent day from the start of the morning.


In fact, today he got up and the first thing he did was to exercise in his personal gym, inviting us to also motivate ourselves and exercise healthily to stay healthy and what better advice than that in times like these when we it is good enough to stay healthy.

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DanieLla Chávez usually starts the day with a little coffee also to lift her spirits and continue to make a living, because to get to where she is being held, she has to make a lot of effort and work a lot on photo shoots and keep her social networks active every day as she has. proven lately.

We recommend that you continue taking a look at Show News so that you discover a little more of the beautiful personality that Dani has in front of his fans, his beautiful words and above all that positive attitude so tender that he shares with us in his most personal section.

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