“Barbie discontinued” In yellow Galilea Montijo is attacked

“Barbie discontinued” In yellow Galilea Montijo is attacked | Instagram

In a tight yellow two-piece outfit with a flower print, Galilea Montijo, was praised for her beauty and imposing silhouette, however, some reactions made an appearance in the publication: “Yes, it is a barbie, but discontinued” .

The “Today’s driver“Galilea Montijo, stole the sighs by showing herself with a two-piece outfit in a vibrant yellow color, the” cheerleader “showed off a very suitable outfit for this summer which also combined very well with her tanned complexion, bringing great light to her face.

Gali“He scored a ten with this outfit, which belongs to his brand new clothing line of”Latingal boutique “of which a physical store opened several weeks ago.

Among the various comments, appeared that of Fernando Reina Iglesias, husband Galilea Montijo, who made a flattering comment to his famous wife: “Oooraleeeee I want that Barbie!”

However, one of the reactions launched a strong criticism, detracting from the romantic intention of the businessman and political, this after a user wrote with some contempt to the “cheerleader”.

If it is a barbie but discontinued, inche Fernando Reyna you tell yourself good weeyon.

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On the other hand, 99% of the comments dedicated to the endearing presenter of “Little gigants“They were accompanied by the best vibes and that is because the” former tv girl “looked very jovial, fresh with her hair, which on this occasion she left loose and very straight.

And to further highlight the look, the “model” and “youtuber“Acclaimed on social media who has more than 9 million followers on Instagram, she opted for red sneakers that further defined her shapely legs.

Particularly on the part of some of the close companions of the native of “Guadalajara, Jalisco”, some of them collaborate with her inside and outside the broadcast.

Guapisma wrote the “former member of the morning”, Marisol González from her account on Instagram, @marisolglzc, to which she even soon received a reply from Montijo: ‘We miss you’.

Pretty!!!! wrote @lourdesstephen.

I love aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, wrote @waithsman the stylist of the stars and one of the closest friends of the collaborator of Las Estrellas

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Other comments were added to this, such as @vielkatv who reiterated to Martha Galilea Montijo how “Spectacular” she looked.

Later, her comadre and friend @inesgomezmont, was also present to give her support by supporting the compliments “Beautiful” wrote followed by a heart emoji.

And is that the friendship of both has remained for so long that together they have shown their union through thick and thin, as did the 48-year-old “cheerleader” with her friend, who is also going through the duel after losing her grandmother already who also gave comfort after the presenter also shared the sad news.

Undoubtedly, the image of the “television actress” brought together many of her other morning companions under the production of Andrea Rodríguez Doria, Martha Figueroa, Andrea Legarreta and Andrea Escalona also threw batons at the beautiful assiduous to fitness life.

The figure of Martha Galilea Montijo Torres has also brought her a series of small sacrifices since the member of the program’s production team maintains a series of exercise routines, with some techniques that allow her to invest less time and obtain good results thanks to the advice of your coach.

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For what the mother of Mateo Reina, remains in good shape almost in her fifties, allowing her to feel so confident to wear various outfits from skirts or short outfits or to dresses or other pieces that are very tight to her silhouette.

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