The owner of a Miramar barber shop said he keeps its doors open in defiance of emergency orders issued amid the coronavirus pandemic that requires nonessential businesses to remain closed.

Daniel Liriano, the owner of the Lion Style barbershop on State Road 7, received a police subpoena Tuesday for opening his business.

Liriano said he will pay the penalty and keep its doors open, because he says his business is essential to him.

“I don’t want to break any rules, but sometimes despair makes people do things they don’t want to do,” said Liriano.

Liriano said the business has been closed since March 20 and that without any income he and his employees have been struggling.

“They say it is not essential, but it is essential for me, my family, their
family, and all the families of the barbers, “said Liriano.” My boys kept calling, saying ‘next month we might not have enough to pay the rent, we might not have enough money to buy food, to pay the bills.’ I have been paying my bills on time but the money is running out. “

Liriano said they have taken precautions, including additional cleaning and mask requirements, with social distancing within the store.

Despite a warning to fine him $ 65 from the Miramar police on Tuesday afternoon, Liriano said it will remain open.

“I am not forcing anyone to come, but if you want to come, welcome, if you do not want to come, I understand,” he said.

Miramar police officers said they are trying to educate and avoid fines, however if someone is deliberately disobeying and refusing to obey state and local ordinances, they must take action.