The former president of the United States reaffirmed his support for the ‘dreamers’, who may continue to have the country’s support

Azteca News –

United States.- This Thursday it was announced that the Supreme Court of United States gave a ruling, with which the Program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which sought to eliminate the president Donald trump; before this, Barack Obama He noted feeling happy about this news.

Through his Twitter account, the former president spoke a few words to the dreamers, who are the children of immigrants and are looking for a future open to more possibilities, in addition to being classified as part of the American family.

« This week, eight years ago, we protected young people who grew up in our American family from deportation. »

Former President Obama published some tweets in which he expressed his happiness, both for the dreamers as for their families and for the community in general, because they share the same ideals despite racial differences.

« Today, I am happy for them, for their families, for all of us. We may look different and come from everywhere, but what makes us Americans is our shared ideals. »

He also took the opportunity to ask the Americans to vote for another president who is in line with the ideals that the general public has, so he did not hesitate to name the candidate Joe Biden.

« And now, to defend those ideals, we have to go ahead and elect (former Vice President) @JoeBiden and a Democratic Congress to do their job, protect the ‘dreamers« And finally create a system that, once and for all, lives up to this nation of immigrants. »

On the other hand, Donald trump He also did not miss the opportunity to write on his Twitter account and reflect his disapproval towards the decision made by the Supreme Court, which prevents him from ending the Program DACA, because he pointed it out as « horrible ».

« These horrible and politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are shotgun blasts in the face of people who pride themselves on calling themselves Republicans or Conservatives. »