Barack Obama Joins Bruce Springsteen In New Podcast

Both will share their respective points of view on various topics for eight episodes. Photo: . / AP | . / AP

The former president of the United States Barack Obama has surprised political supporters and classic rock fans alike by announcing the release on Spotify of « Renegades: Born In The USA », a podcast he made in the company of the musical legend Bruce Springsteen.

On Monday February 22, The Boss joined the former president of the U.S in what they described as « a long and meaningful conversation », premiering the first two installments of a total of eight episodes.

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In a trailer made for the podcast, Obama noted: “On the surface, Bruce And I don’t have much in common He’s a white guy from a small town in sweater. I’m a mixed race black guy, born in Hawaii. He is a rock and roll icon. I’m not that cool. « 

Despite these obvious differences, the politician assured that both have gone through “Parallel journeys, looking for a way to connect their own meanings, truths and their community with the long history of U.S”.

The trailer features Obama Y Springsteen conversing on a variety of topics that span their respective relationships with their parents, the meaning of what masculinity represents, as well as the beginnings of the musician’s career.

Over the course of a few days, all from a few miles from where he grew up, we talked. What we discovered in these conversations is that we still share a fundamental belief in the American ideal. Not as an act of nostalgia, as a compass.

Springsteen would have met Obama during their electoral campaign in 2008 and since then they have maintained a strong bond of friendship. In 2017, it would have reached social media trends that both would have shared a yacht trip during a vacation, accompanied by the journalist Oprah Winfrey and the actor Tom Hanks.

In the two episodes released so far, the duo talk about the nature of their friends, the way they both grew up as foreigners, and the first encounters they both had on the subject of racism.

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Bruce springsteen would also be a constant voice in the presidential campaign of Joe biden, who was vice president during the mandate of Obama. The Boss was part of the virtual event in celebration of the protest of Biden last month.