Barack and Michelle Obama premiere preview of their new series on Netflix – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Between the lines

Netflix released the trailer for We Are United, an animated series created by Barack and Michelle Obama and Chris Nee, Kenya Barris, which will premiere on the platform on July 4, the day that American Independence is celebrated.

The animated series, which is a kind of musical adventure that talks about ethical and civic values ​​to be better citizens carries a message for Americans.

“Lessons on fundamental rights and citizenship to the rhythm of songs by well-known artists, such as Janelle Monáe, HER, Adam Lambert, Brandi Carlile and others”, explains the synopsis of the streaming platform about the series that is classified as children’s television.

The colorful musical series also features the participation of Bebe Rexha, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Robert Lopez, Kyle, Brittany Howards and Corade, among others, who perform the songs in each episode.

“We created Higher Ground to tell great stories,” said the former presidential partner who planned this first season of animation with 10 episodes which they call “a musical event.”

The chapters were directed by Peter Ramsey, Victoria Vincent, Trisha Gum, Benjy Brooke, Mabel Ye, Jorge Gutiérrez, Kendra Ryan, Tim Rauch, Daron Nefcy and Everett Downing.

Each chapter talks about a specific topic, ranging from voting, racial and cultural differences, taxes, the internet, and religious differences, all in a tone that children can understand.

This is not the first time Michelle Obama participates in a television series, a few months ago Gofre + Mochi premiered, where the former first lady of the United States owns a supermarket in a family program of the streaming service.

Gofre + Mochi tells the adventures of two great friends who share the dream of becoming chefs. But all they know and cook is made of ice, until they become employees of a supermarket and there their great culinary adventure begins.

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