Not all clients will be able to benefit from the advancement of unemployment benefits, thus many affected will continue to suffer delays in collection. In early May, the Ministry of Labor and the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) reached an agreement with banking associations to anticipate the payment of the strike. However, it will be the entities who decide to grant or not the advances based on your own criteria.

The agreement is that banks can advance payment, but they will be the ones to offer it to their clients if they consider it to be so, so the potential beneficiary does not have to make any request. As published in the Official State Gazette (BOE)The signing of the agreement “does not oblige the adhered entity to grant any advance.”

In this way, the banks will “study the possible granting of the advance payment of all the applicants, subject to their approval according to their applicable internal criteria, being able to freely grant or deny operations by the adhered entity applying those internal criteria, and without being reviewable by the Administration “.

Further, “the advance will be offered directly by the entity adhered to those of its clients who have the status of beneficiaries, once it receives the information of the recognition of the respective benefit or subsidy by the SEPE “.” In your case, both the beneficiary and the adhered entity can waive the benefit of the subscription or the advance payment, respectively, without any claim from either party being derived from this decision, “adds the BOE.

As for the beneficiaries, they can be all those who have been recognized an unemployment benefit or subsidy from May 1, with economic effects between March 14, 2020 and the expiration date of this agreement, provided that the management of the benefit or subsidy is the responsibility of the SEPE. It must be taken into account that each beneficiary person may access the advance only once, coinciding with the payment of the first monthly unemployment benefit or subsidy to which he was entitled

As detailed in the BOE, the conditions of the advance and its reimbursement will be those that apply in general, but additional special requirements may be established agreed between the beneficiary and the adhered entity. In any case, the interest rate applicable to the operation will be 0% and there will be no commission or other expenses for carrying out this operation.