Bankia Foundation and the Higher Sports Council present a VET project

Bankia Foundation and the Higher Sports Council present a VET project

The Bankia Foundation and the Higher Sports Council, through PROAD (High Level Athlete Service Program), have presented a project to guide those young people who have finished their sports careers towards Vocational Training who are not clear about where to direct their Laboral future.

The objective of this project is to provide high-performance athletes with all the information on how Professional Training can become the best future training itinerary by adapting to their requirements in an unbeatable way.

To achieve this, Fundación Bankia will be in charge of training PROAD counselors and tutors in two workshops in which it will explain how to design individualized training itineraries adapted to each athlete, relying on the offer of training cycles or certificates of professionalism.

On the other hand, the dual VET model that allows the student to receive part of the training in the educational center and another in the workplace will be explained.

At the beginning of 2021, both institutions plan to hold two orientation days with athletes from the High Performance Centers of the Balearic Islands and Madrid to analyze the acceptance of the project.

PROAD currently works with a group of 5,000 high-level athletes, of which a thousand are tutored. Of these, three out of every ten athletes lack studies or have basic studies. Making them aware of all the available training options is important when offering them a suitable personalized itinerary.

Athletes have a high appreciation of the companies and institutions with which they have worked, which highlight their professional skills acquired through the world of sport, such as effort and perseverance.

Dualiza Bankia is the brand through which the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training channels all its activities to promote and promote VET and its dual modality. In addition, it represents Bankia’s commitment to promoting education to improve society, combat inequality and promote greater social cohesion.