Bankia Foundation and FP Innovation celebrate the first hackathon for teachers

Bankia Foundation and FP Innovation celebrate the first hackathon for teachers

The Bankia Foundation for Dual Training (Dualiza Bankia) and the FP Innovation association held the first hackathon organized for FP teachers over the weekend.

The event has registered 36 projects presented by the more than 140 teachers who reached the end of the training.

Approximately 200 teachers started this hackathon to learn to innovate through workshops such as social innovation, prototyping techniques, idea generation dynamics, infographics and data visualization, technological tools, gamification, design thinking, among others.

Throughout the process, the attendees formed their own teams based on their interests to address the challenges they wanted to face until the presentation of the projects. Thus, they raised ideas, discussed, prototyped and developed initiatives that go through a diversity of social sectors, from solutions to cope with emptied Spain, mentoring students with disabilities, platforms to support those students who have lost more personal support such as effect of tele-education that has caused the coronavirus, strengthening of educational ties with the business community or accompaniment of the elderly.

From now on, an independent jury will be in charge of evaluating each of the projects to announce the winners next week. The winning team will obtain a total of 1500 euros for the members, while the second and third will receive a mentoring from Diverxia Consulting to develop their project.

All attendees will receive digital licenses for participating educational platforms such as Genially or Sage.

Dualiza Bankia and FP Innovación have shown their satisfaction for the development of the hackathon, for the reception of the group of teachers and their involvement when working and developing projects.

The celebration of this event has made it possible to demonstrate the capacity of Vocational Training and teachers to act as levers of innovation and obtain improvements in society.