Bankia and Randstad have renewed their collaboration agreement for the eighth consecutive year to continue developing the ‘Online Employment’ program, through which they have advised 1,507 Bankia clients, of whom 695 have obtained employment, which represents a ratio nearly 50% employability success.

The ‘Online Employment’ program was launched in 2013 with the aim of supporting the job placement of people at risk of exclusion and is aimed at all Bankia clients and their spouses or first-degree relatives who are in a situation unemployment.

The initiative offers this support to professionals over 45 years who have been unemployed for more than a year, are victims of gender violence, people with disabilities or single-parent families, as well as any client who is unemployed. This project highlights the commitment of both entities to support employability.

“For Bankia, employment is one of our main lines of social action because we are convinced that it is a decisive lever of change when it comes to achieving social inclusion for those in vulnerable situations,” stressed the director of Management. Head of Bankia, David Menéndez.

In this sense, María Viver, director of the Randstad Foundation, stressed that “at this time, it is essential to focus on the most vulnerable. For this reason, we are proud to be able to maintain this project with an indispensable ally such as Bankia and to continue betting on advice, diversity and inclusion, when it is most needed. ”

Along the same lines, Helia Tellez de Meneses, director of Randstad Outplacement, has pointed out that “collaborating with an entity like Bankia, which has put diversity and employment at the center of its social responsibility, is a source of pride. We help hundreds of people find a job and can continue promoting their professional training ”.

“I had been unemployed for four years and starting a program like ‘Online Employment’ encouraged me a lot. The workshops I attended were very useful and profitable, and I was very grateful to have the support of a person who accompanies you and guides you in your job search, thus achieving a stable job that I have held for more than a year. It helped me regain confidence in myself and in my abilities, “says I. M. N., 60, and one of the beneficiaries of the ‘Online Employment’ program.

‘Online Employment’ is carried out throughout the country and is framed within Bankia’s social action lines, whose activity is focused on supporting projects related to employment and the needs of the most vulnerable groups.

A commitment to employability more necessary than ever

In the current situation, in which the groups that present the most challenges of labor inclusion are suffering the consequences of the coronavirus-related health and economic crisis more sharply, this program will have a key role to contribute, not just support in employment, but also an accompaniment in the training and improvement of employability.

For this reason, Bankia, Randstad and the Randstad Foundation, as driving forces of this project, have worked throughout the last year in the commitment to digitize training itineraries, adaptation to the online environment and the accessibility of workshops.

‘Online Employment’ consists of three phases carried out by the Randstad Foundation and Randstad Outplacement: a first phase focused on career guidance, a second phase focused on the development of professional skills and competencies for job search in the digitization framework and a final phase focused on monitoring and accompaniment in insertion into the labor market.

With the development of this program and the collaboration of Bankia, Randstad can continue to promote its commitment to employability and talent and the Fundación Randstad maintains its objective of continuing to bet on equal employment opportunities for the most vulnerable.