Bankia and Fundación Caja Rioja support two environmental projects in La Rioja

Bankia and Fundación Caja Rioja support two environmental projects in La Rioja

Bankia and Fundación Caja Rioja have supported with 20,000 euros two environmental projects developed in La Rioja.

The Oxygen Foundation and the El Colletero Association have been selected in the ‘I Call for the Environment and Sustainable Development’.

The bank has reported that the objective of this initiative is to support environmental projects committed to sustainable development and nature conservation in the area. The call is aimed at supporting projects that promote the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems; that help reduce and recycle waste, especially plastics; and that promote technological innovation aimed at reducing or avoiding environmental damage.

On the other hand, Bankia and Fundación Caja Rioja have positively assessed the impact on reducing the carbon footprint.

Each entity has received 10,000 euros so that they can start environmental conservation work.

The Oxygen Foundation is in charge of developing actions for the environmental restoration of stretches of the banks of the Leza River (elimination of invasive flora, installation of shelters, removal of waste …) with the aim of improving its biodiversity and involving the population in preservation and enhancement among its inhabitants.

While the El Colletero Association stands out for carrying out reforestation and forest care actions, with special attention to the native species of the area and to the soil, improving it with the use of microorganisms due to their function of fixing nitrogen and a source of carbon. .

Arturo Colina, the director of Fundación Caja Rioja, explained that “with these environmental initiatives, Fundación Caja Rioja contributes to the development of our community, in a more sustainable way, more friendly to nature and integrates landscape and territory through the proposals of two entities that work in our environment and collaborate with those who inhabit it ”.

On the other hand, Begoña Hernández, the corporate director of the Northern Territory of Bankia, has indicated that “at Bankia we have a clear commitment to the environment and, therefore, we are proud to be able to support La Rioja associations that work with a perspective green and that have the objective of building a more just and sustainable society ”.

The applications have been evaluated by a jury made up of representatives of the Caja Rioja Foundation, Bankia and a specialized technical advisory.