Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28: “our most advanced speaker pair to date”

Wireless and flexible, they combine advanced acoustic solutions with smart speaker features to create an exceptional experience right out of the box.

Beolab 28 can be placed anywhere in the home thanks to its sleek design, instantly transmits any content and offers powerful, surround sound with studio quality adapting to any space, and its design is designed for longevity.

Adaptive studio-quality sound

The Bang & Olufsen philosophy of sound is embodied in Beolab 28, which offers a powerful sound experience. The listener can physically feel the lows achieved through a custom built 6.5 ”driver-based subwoofer. The driver has a large extension for powerful and accurate bass. The latest generation of Bang & Olufsen active compensation adapts the bass response to the room, allowing the speakers to be placed in any space.

The use of three 3 ”full-range drivers positioned in the front and one on each side, and a 1” tweeter in the front for optimum quality of the treble, allows to create a homogeneous directionality throughout the range of significant frequencies. The full-range drivers and tweeter have exceptionally high sensitivity and were developed specifically for Beolab 28 in order to create clear mid-range quality, even at very high levels, as well as accurate and dynamic high-frequency reproduction.

Thanks to the Beam Width Control, Beolab 28 guarantees the best sound experience in any situation. In ‘narrow mode’, music reaches the listener directly and intact, minimizing interference from side wall reflections and allowing the sweet spot to be heard. In “wide mode”, the beam spreads a greater amount of sound around the speakers, maintaining a natural tonal balance even when you are away from the optimal listening area in front of the speakers.

An exceptional and simple experience

Beolab 28 redefines the perception of an all-in-one loudspeaker in which simplicity is emphasized. The built-in subwoofer, which projects downward, amplifies enough bass capacity to wrap around larger rooms without the need to add an external subwoofer. This ensures the best sound experience while minimizing noise to give more freedom when designing an interior space. Beolab 28 can also be installed on the wall so as not to take up space where it is located.

Installation is easy, fast and cable-free thanks to the wireless connection, which offers speaker synchronization at 24bit / 48kHz in microseconds. Integrated music playback allows users to answer their phone and send their call directly to the speakers. They can also listen to music in the living room or throughout the home through Airplay 2 or Chromecast, the B&O application and Bluetooth. The speakers will be fully compatible with Beolink Multiroom in Fall 2021 through an automatic software update. Beolab 28 can also be paired with a Bang & Olufsen television via Powerlink or Wireless Powerlink.

For Beolab28 a simple touch surface has been created that lights up when approached thanks to the built-in proximity sensors, visually inviting the user to interact with the product. The elegant user interface allows you to pause / play, change songs, and raise or lower the volume. The addition of 4 preference buttons allows easy access to your favorite radio station via the built-in Bang & Olufsen Radio or Spotify playlist. Customers can choose to control the speakers in multiple ways, either directly through the user interface, using a Bang & Olufsen remote control, or via the Smartphone.

Magic opening design

The Beolab 28 design consists of a column speaker with a round curvature at the bottom end, followed by a conical shape that contains the woofer. The loudspeaker is held together by a backbone that hides the cables and gives the impression of floating in midair.

Known for its automatic movements, Beolab 28 integrates a magic aperture system when turned on, or when the sound beam is adjusted, indicating whether the speaker is in narrow or wide mode. This stages the listening experience and creates a ritual appeal for the user.

The best materials, designed to last

Beolab 28 is built to last and was created at Bang & Olufsen’s legendary Factory 5 in Struer, Denmark. The anodized aluminum cylinder is formed using a spinning technique while pressing into shape. To achieve the conical shape of the foot, the aluminum component is carefully molded using expansion and reduction techniques to achieve an unusual and surprising shape. The wooden decks are manufactured in Bjerrum Nielsen, a supplier that Bang & Olufsen has worked with since 1949 for the shared values ​​giving priority to craftsmanship, supervising each piece by hand to ensure the best quality.

Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to longevity also applies to technology, as the loudspeaker includes Bang & Olufsen’s new replaceable connectivity module. It has been equipped with enough processing power and connectivity technology to accommodate new performance and functionality updates for years to come. If the connectivity and transmission technology becomes obsolete, the module can be replaced with the latest technology updates, ensuring the future of the loudspeaker for future generations.

The Beolab 28 has been inspired by the iconic column shape used in the Beolab Penta, Beolab 6000 and Beolab 8000, which Bang & Olufsen continues to maintain today, showing the company’s commitment to timeless design and incomparable sound. .

Beolab 28 fabric version from 10,750 euros
Beolab 28 wooden version from 12,000 euros

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