Bandai Namco reveals final two DLC characters for Jump Force

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/19/2020 12:19 pm

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Although Jump force It was not the game that anime fans expected, no one can deny that this title has a great fan service. Now, after a little confusion, Bandai Namco has confirmed that Giorno Giovanna from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach will be the last two characters of the second season pass.

This information was not revealed with a trailer, but the Japanese company confirmed the existence of these characters in a message, where They apologize for releasing Giorno and Yoruichi ahead of time only to a select audience. This is what Bandai Namco commented:

“Due to a mix-up, some still ‘in development’ characters were released for a small number of Jump Force players (this issue has now been resolved). Additionally, players who received the ‘work in progress’ update shared information on unannounced characters via social media platforms. “

In the same way, it has been mentioned that these characters are still in development, so the final versions of Giorno and Yoruichi will be different from those that came out by accident. At the moment it is unknown exactly when the characters will be available, but Bandai Namco mentioned that they will have more news on Jump Force soon.

Speaking of anime, the second DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is out now. Similarly, the Dragon Ball Super manga will begin a new story next year.


Via: Bandai Namco

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