The coronavirus crisis caused companies like the Santander Bank They will implement teleworking, now the bank is preparing the return in September of about 8,000 employees to their jobs in the corporate center of the Financial City, in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) and in the central services of Santander Spain, in the country’s capital.

Only the Financial City, in Boadilla del Monte, has about 8,000 employees, but the coronavirus pandemic caused the vast majority to carry out their functions telematically; over time some have been incorporated and currently 32% attend in person.

That means that more than 2,500 employees already work from their positions, but there are almost 5,500 that continue to do it from home and the group’s plan is for them to join in September.

8,000 employees pending return

In the case of Santander central services Spain, this other building that is located in Madrid employs more than 4,000 people, of whom around 40% have already joined their face-to-face position, some 1,600 workers, so that there are almost 2,500 more employees who continue to work in remote.

Therefore, among the 5,500 employees of the Financial City who work from home today and the almost 2,500 workers at the Santander Spain headquarters who are in the same situation, the group has 8,000 employees waiting to return to their positions.

This Tuesday, more than 4,000 professionals from the Financial City were connected to a meeting held directly with the head of the General Secretariat and Human Resources of Banco Santander, Jaime Pérez Renovales, who informed them about the progress of the entity’s reincorporation plans.

Ensuring health

«The objective is that, whenever personal and health circumstances allow it, all the professionals of the Corporate Center can join the office in person during these weeks, so that at the beginning of September, we are all in a similar situation to the one before the crisis ”, he explained.

As he explained, in recent weeks there have been changes, both in the evolution of the pandemic as in the measures adopted by the authorities, which are allowing the bank to speed up the return to the offices and resume its normal economic activity.

However, he insisted that the priority continues to be guaranteeing the health of all the workers in the corporate centers and they have only considered returning to the office when it is “totally compatible with guaranteeing the safety of all the professionals”.

Pérez Renovales added that the Banco Santander buildings and the action protocols themselves have been adapted to guarantee health and protection of all, with prevention measures that seek to avoid new infections among employees.

“Have full confidence that, in the event of a regrowth, we are prepared and have the necessary protocols and measures to prevent its spread in our work centers,” he assured.

New security measures

In addition, from Banco Santander they explain that the new rule of social distancing established by the Government, which goes from 2 to 1.5 meters, allows them use the capacity of your buildings almost entirely and that the reinstatement of all employees in their usual places is feasible, in addition to facilitating the use of other common spaces such as restaurants and meeting rooms.

Meanwhile, in the virtual meeting it was also said that the remote work It is possible and has advantages, but since the situation has been exceptional, “it cannot serve as a basis for organizing remote work in a structural way.” To design the future working model to be applied, Santander has created a equipment to identify to what extent it is advisable to apply the remote work of certain teams and will set the rules to apply once implemented.