Banco Santander Chile promotes new functionalities in its Superdigital platform

Banco Santander Chile promotes new functionalities in its Superdigital platform

Banco Santander’s subsidiary in Chile has reported that its Superdigital platform has again expanded its functionalities, this time to receive remuneration and other massive deposits such as, for example, . payments and unemployment insurance.

In this way, the Banco Santander App will provide an alternative to the more than 100,000 customers who are already part of this community, taking new steps in its purpose of promoting financial inclusion in the country and reaching those who have not had so far the possibility of accessing the banking industry and its benefits.

In this regard, Hamish Wood, head of Superdigital, stated that “we are very happy to incorporate this new functionality, as we know that it was highly anticipated by our users. We want to be the best financial solution for millions of Chileans, that is why we work every day to deliver an excellent service experience through this complete product, 100% digital and without transactional costs ”.

As explained by Banco Santander, Superdigital is an account without a balance limit, that is, you can pay the amount you want; allows you to make transfers to any bank and make money transfers at Santander ATMs, at no cost; Users can pay basic service bills and recharge the cell phone from the same App and make purchases online, nationally and internationally, without additional commissions.

Banco Santander also launched a contest for all those who begin to receive and use their salaries through this platform. Those who receive payments of this type between October and next December will be participating for a super payment of $ 500 thousand Chilean pesos.

Santander Chile recently reported that its Superdigital platform has already reached 100,000 clients in just five months, since it was launched in April of this year. This all-digital innovation has seen strong growth from month to month due to a number of factors, such as a simple and rapid on-boarding process, universal biometric authentication and a digital transformation of customers driven by the effects of Covid-19.

It should be remembered that Banco Santander is committed to its Superdigital platform as the main channel of access to financial services for a large majority of its low-income clients in Latin America. Globally there are 1.7 billion unbanked adults, of which two thirds have a mobile phone that could help them access financial services. Santander’s bankless banking is available in Brazil, Mexico and Chile and is leveraged by the rapid growth in the adoption of smartphones and the improvement of network coverage in Latin America to increase financial inclusion in the region.