Banco Sabadell suspends the ERE negotiations

Banco Sabadell suspends the ERE negotiations

Banco Sabadell and the unions have temporarily suspended the negotiation of the economic conditions of the Employment Regulation File (ERE) that will mean the departure of a maximum of 1,800 workers from the bank, in order to reflect on the announcement that Sabadell and BBVA are analyzing a possible merger.

CC.OO. has proposed to the entity a period of reflection and the temporary suspension of the negotiation, a request that Sabadell has accepted, summoning the representatives of the workers to a new meeting next week.

Although the start of talks between Banco Sabadell and BBVA does not mean that the merger will take place, CC.OO. has shown that the news opens variables whose impact on the negotiation they do not know, so postponing the negotiation for a few days will give the parties “the necessary perspective to resume it with the maximum guarantees”.

The union has assured that the negotiation of the ERE, which faces its final stretch, aims to “guarantee the best economic conditions for the affected personnel (mainly early retirements) and to strengthen the future employment of the majority of the bank’s staff” .

“In the event that this corporate process were to take place, and if there is a restructuring, it must preserve employment with the application of voluntary and non-traumatic measures,” comisiones Obreras has added.