The top candidate to be the NBA’s Most Improved Player wants to sign a renewal forever with his team. Is that the center Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat He expressed his desire to play throughout his career with the Florida team, debunking rumors that Adebayo wanted to leave the team led by Eric Spoelstra.

In an Instagram Live that he did with Ashley Nicole, Adebayo, who is in the last year of his rookie contract, was asked if he wanted to play his entire career in Miami and stated “right now I would say yes because I cannot dictate the future” Despite who recalled that “you never know what might happen in the future” and that everyone remembers “the case of Wade, who was a Heat always until he left due to current situations”.

However, if it depended on him, Adebayo confirmed that “I would like to be here as Udonis Haslem did” and that “I want to be part of a single organization as you (Haslem) did just because I want to be like him”. Adebayo’s respect for the veteran Haslem has already been done by other former teammates of the center, who this year will retire after more than 15 years playing with the Heat.

Adebayo could be a restricted free agent from the next offseason, although doubts about when that will happen make it difficult to indicate a date. However, either because they agree to a renewal or because the Heat will match any offer for their star center, everything indicates that Adebayo will continue playing for Miami for several more years.