Mario Balotelli is once again in the eye of the hurricane in Italy. The Italian striker and his club, Brescia, staged their problems on Tuesday when SuperMario did not go to training, according to him, due to “intestinal indisposition.” Something that is not known to the Lombard set.

In Italy they face the two versions: that of the club and that of Mario. According to the player, if he had to be at 9:00 on the field, he warned about 45 minutes before he could not go due to digestive discomfort calling both managers and doctors. He even adds that a member of the club’s medical staff came to his home to certify that this indisposition was real.

Four. Five

The club gives a different version. The player was summoned at 9:00 am and was expected a quarter of an hour before the session. No one appeared there and Brescia was not aware that he would not attend. In addition to training, the players had scheduled the second round of coronavirus tests, to which Mario did not submit.

The Brescia is fed up

Although he is their top scorer and a marketing claim (he is the only player who sells shirt with bib number on his website), Brescia is considering breaking the contract that unites the fate of both.

Balotelli during a training session on May 22

Balotelli during a training session on May 22

During this break, the 45 barely connected to the telematic sessions to maintain good physical tone, he attended voluntary training later than his teammates and also appeared somewhat overweight according to the version offered by La Leonessa in the Gazzetta dello Sport. These reasons, they point out, could lead to rescind the player after the umpteenth mess (racism of rivals, racist statements by the president, direct Instagram and vetoes, expulsions, accident on New Year’s Eve) of this campaign in Mario Rigamonti.