Balance between your personal and work life: find the balance

Do not forget to meet a time to do what you like the most.

Time is the only element in life that you cannot buy.

Learn to say “no” when you don’t want to do something.

Everything in life is a balance. Between light and shadow, between boredom and fun, between family and work. If the balance leans too far to either extreme, the result can be dangerous. But since you usually work five days a week and rest only two, the balance between your personal and work life is one of the most difficult to achieve. Both sides demand you and we usually give more to the one who gives us money, since we believe that we have an income to live the other part, life itself, outside the four walls of an office. But, if we do this, we do not realize that we forget ourselves, time passes and we suffer irreversible consequences. The mental problems that work can cause are serious things, so pay attention and find the perfect balance.

You can’t quit your job, that’s clear. Giving up would imply new problems, however, you should not stay in a place that does not allow you to dedicate yourself to the other part of your being: your family, your friends, your passions and fun. So how do you spend time on both sides of the coin? The first thing is that you are aware, that you take your foot off the pedal and stop automating everything you do. Remember why you went to work in the first place and come back to it. If possible, talk to your direct boss and tell him how you feel. Seek to reach an agreement together, in which you do not lose your life, nor do you stop being productive for your company. Work dynamics are usually very closed at times and perhaps there are places that do not lend themselves to so much flexibility, however, there are also some tricks that you can implement to better balance things.

The time that does not return

Consider this: time is the only element in life that you cannot buy. It leaves and does not return. What are you spending it on? Modify your prioritiesMake adjustments, that although it seems that 24 hours a day is not enough, there is always a way to manage them better.

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Total disconnection

Turn off when necessary. If you are part of the labor machinery, you also have an off lever. In other words: learn to disconnect from your work. In this world, we mean it very literally, since digital tools lend themselves to constant contact. Turn off your cell phone for a few minutes or hours, you don’t need it.

The importance of the mind

Our mind is very complex and very treacherous at the same time. If we order him to do something, even if it is unconsciously, he will dedicate himself to carrying it out with tenacity. And just as you give bad orders, you can give good orders. Learn to be more mindful and relax, both in personal life and at work.

The value of “no”

We have all met someone who cannot say “no”, even though it is about things that can be harmful to them. And if you don’t know anyone, maybe you are that person. Learn to say “no” When you don’t want to do something, whatever it is, if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable or it’s outside of your working hours, you can’t be forced.

Time for you

In your personal life there is family and many obligations, but you also exist yourself and your interior. Just as you comply with a work schedule, do not forget to comply with a time to do what you like the most. As such, dedicate yourself to doing whatever you want and that fills you with happiness.