Bad news! The opening of the Super Nintendo World is delayed again due to COVID-19

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Nintendo planned, after a long wait and an extensive delay due to the pandemic, to celebrate 2021 with the opening of its Super Nintendo World amusement park, which would be housed at the Universal Studios Japan recreation complex in Osaka. The long-awaited opening excited the fans even more, since it had already been scheduled for next February 4, but the bad news has just arrived, as it was reported that the park will delay its opening again.

Along with lots of information about the attractions and a cool invitation video from Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo announced that it would open the doors of the Super Nintendo World in a matter of weeks, but the company’s plans were once again altered by the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19).

This was announced by Universal Studios Japan, according to information from technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki. According to the official statement, the company has just made the decision to postpone the opening of the Super Nintendo World and what is worse is that it did not share a new opening date, so it is not known if the delay will be days or months. so again the wait will be indefinite.

In case you missed it: There will also be a Super Nintendo World in Universal Orlando, but months ago its construction was suspended.

They share new images of Super Nintendo World

Opening time is still not ideal due to the pandemic

It is important to note that when the announcement of the opening date was made, it was not ruled out that said event would be delayed again. The project is one of the most important of the park operator, with an estimated investment that exceeded ¥ 60,000 MJPY (about $ 578 million), as reported by Mochizuki in a Bloomberg article last November.

However, it ran the risk of not opening up to the public, because, just as Mochizuki pointed out, Osaka, where Universal Studios Japan is located, was one of the most affected Japanese cities that were battling with a new coronavirus outbreak and precisely the pandemic is what Universal Studios Japan pointed out as the cause of this new delay.

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As we mentioned, this is bad news for both Nintendo and the fans who were planning to attend the inauguration, since the park, which would originally open in summer 2020, is now ready and a lot of promotional material of the park had recently been shared, such as announcements TV, a web page and details about the interactive wristband.

Again, the Super Nintendo World has no opening date. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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