bad news, Star + will be a separate platform in Latin America

Disney Plus has just added the Star platform for free for its users in Europe. But in Mexico, Chile and Latin America it will be a separate service.

All subscribers to Disney Plus In Latin America we were filled with hope when the company finally revealed its integration plans for the European market.

Since there your new platform Star, dedicated to bringing together the entire Fox adult catalog, would be added directly and for free to the interface that houses everything Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

That raised hopes that the same could happen in Latin America. But no, the plans remain the same and we will have to pay for another separate subscription.

Thanks, ESPN

A few hours ago we saw how Deadpool became a Trending Topic within Twitter And the reason was only one: the launch of Star as a free sub catalog for Disney Plus subscribers in Europe.

Nevertheless, Business Insider has just published a report confirming the launch plans of this platform for other markets. And there is bad news for Latin America.

In December 2020, the Investor Day conference by the Walt Disney Company. There, they spoke for the first time about what would happen with Star, marking a rare exception for Latin America.

Informing that in this territory the site will be launched not as a complement, but as a separate platform, under the name of Star + (Star Plus).

The reason for this move is simple: the love of sports in this territory. So the app would include the entire Fox, Touchstone and FX catalog plus ESPN live sporting events.

Star Plus will be offered as a separate app with a specific monthly subscription cost. But it can also be sold « bundled » with the Disney Plus subscription for a cut price.

Star Plus will arrive in Mexico, Chile and the rest of Latin America from the month of June 2021.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the price it will have, it is worth checking the subscription cost of the Fox streaming platform in your area.

Where in many cases the amount is greater than or equal to Disney Plus. Maybe it would also be time to ask questions about what a VPN is …