Bad consignment reveals Boba Fett’s real name

Animated series STAR WARS: The Bad Consignment, reveals Boba Fett’s huge connection to Omega and the REAL name of the bounty hunter (Spoilers Notice)

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance reveals the shocking connection between Boba Fett and Omega, while confirming that Boba once had a very different name than what we know.

There have been many theories about the young clone known as Omega, in Star Wars: The Bad Consignment, but the latest episode of the series now available on Disney +, “Bounty Lost”, finally sheds some light on this.

Unsurprisingly, the young woman is “a pure genetic replica” of Jango Fett made of “pure first-generation DNA.” With the Kaminoans desperate to remain relevant as the Empire seeks to replace the clone troopers with enlisted people to make them the new soldiers of the new empire that has just been born, and they want Omega to return because, unaware that Boba is still very much alive, They believe that she is their only pure source of DNA from the original donor known as Jango Fett.

Of course, this technically makes Boba and Omega siblings, and we can’t help but wonder if the plan is for them to team up at some point in the Boba Fett Book series.

With Dave Filoni in charge of the series, you know there’s a long-term plan of some kind, and this wasn’t the only big reveal of Bad Remittance last Friday.

Talking to Omega about whether there are other clones like her, Hunter responds, “To my knowledge, there is only one more. A male clone named Alpha, later known as Boba. ” Jango gave his “son” that name, and it seems there could be bigger plans for Alpha and Omega in the Star Wars Universe.

After all, if they can be used to create a new Clone Army, that could have major consequences for the Star Wars Universe going beyond even the sequel trilogy.

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