San Juan, Puerto Rico.- Bad Bunny announced through a letter published on Twitter that he will take “action” against a member of his team accused by a woman of alleged sexual assault.

Under the title “Sincerely, I”, the Puerto Rican artist expressed his support in writing to every woman who “protests or accuses a man of sexually harassing or attacking her.”

The release of Bad Bunny comes after the weekend several women published on their social networks a series of screenshots with sexual content of adult men who wrote to them when they were minors.

That group of men reportedly includes a member of the Bad Bunny task force, who they allege sexually assaulted a young woman.

“The first thing I say is, that you continue exposing everyone without fear, never remain silent if you feel that way. I admire your courage and strength because I understand that it is not easy, and believe me, if I say that I understand you, it is because I understand you”, said the ragpicker in his text.

“It shocked me too much to see my name out there although I know it was with the intention that I find out, but sooner or later I was going to find out and of course I will take action,” said the artist.

Given this, he assured that in his “personal life and work team there is no space for these behaviors, and what must be done will be done”, while saying that others “long ago” took them away from their circle ” for other reasons. “

“Still it hurts to know all this. It is not easy to find out on tw (Twitter) that people who have been close to you do this type of thing, things that I try to fight against or at least contribute a grain of, despite the stereotype of the musical genre I play (sic), “he admitted.

“The decisions and actions of each person are individual and I for my part live calmly because I know who I am and it causes me great shame and discomfort to see my name hanging around these issues. It is not fair, my hand is very, very far from all this “he emphasized.

However, he said that these accusations “are delicate, and you have to be responsible when making an accusation”, but that even so “you have to make them !, of course yes!, But firmly, but with much but a lot of responsibility of never involving third parties that do not even have the remote existence in said event “.

“A big hug to whoever wants to receive it, and a lot of strength to each of the victims who suffer daily from these and many more atrocities. They always have me here!”