Bad Bunny turns on the alarms after being hospitalized in an emergency | Instagram

Only last Thursday was the news that the singer Bad bunny he could be going through a difficult stage in his life when the news circulated that he had been admitted to the hospital in an emergency.

The successful singer, recently recognized as the « composer of the year » apparently was going through a difficult process on a personal level, the times that are currently being lived have wreaked havoc on various people and personalities of the show business they have not been the exception.

Apparently, according to the versions that have circulated, they indicate that the singer Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad bunny, was immersed in a strong « depression« At least on their social networks, it was something that was also reflected.

The singer wrote in some instantaneous « Madness knocking on my door », perhaps this legend would not have been taken into account until after the astrologer Mhoni Seer He warned that his reading of letters revealed to him that the singer could be in danger.

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The guru of the show, Mhoni Seer He warned that one of his letters, « The Fool’s is hitting his life hard, » so he not only put his fans on notice, but also suggested that they pray a lot for the artist.

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So far, some of the causes that led the urban gender interpreter to be admitted to the hospital have been known, and although initially, suspicions focused on a possible contagion of Covid-19, the real reasons indicated another emergency.

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Supposedly the artist was hospitalized due to a serious condition for a appendicitisFor this reason, he required emergency medical attention.

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Also, it was known that it was operated within the first few hours of admission and would appear to require an additional three to four days after surgery.

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It is worth mentioning that before the news, many speculations They began to emerge and among them, concern about a possible relapse caused by their mood due to isolation.