Bad Bunny traded in his exclusive Bugatti Chiron for this budget car

Bad Bunny.

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Those who see a Toyota Corolla through the streets of San Juan, in Puerto Rico, they will have to pay attention, since it could be Bad bunny behind the wheel.

The most listened to artist on Spotify during 2020 recently said that he bought back the best-selling car model in the world, and left in the garage the exclusive Bugatti Chiron Sports 110 Ans, valued at almost $ 4 million, which she bought to appear at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

I ride a 2003 Corolla and I’m happy out there, walking“Said Bad Bunny, who drove a Toyota of that model in the video for Yonaguni, his latest single. In addition to the anonymity that such a common model gives him, the creator of hits such as “La Difícil” and “Yo perreo sola” confessed that he does not feel a great passion for cars.

“I am not a lover of vehicles, I am not a lover of my cars. My friends like cars, but I am very different, I’m not a fan of those things”He explained recently.

For now, the island of Puerto Rico is going to say goodbye to the only Bugatti that walked its streets. an exclusivity that was part of the problems that led Bad Bunny to get fed up with him: “At heart, I didn’t know what to do with the car, because I brought it to Puerto Rico and it was a piece of paper to guide it, everything was a problem: insurance, the government, taxes [impuestos]. Now I have it in the United States, here I could not have it for another minute because [cuando salía a la calle las personas] they knew it was me”.

Thus, Bad Bunny said that he sent his Bugatti, of which there are only 20 in the world, to a garage in the United States. Meanwhile, he kills the hours driving his Corolla through San Juan, happy to be able to go unnoticed on the streets.

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