Bad Bunny raffles 5 thousand dollars in honor of the success of Dákiti

Bad Bunny raffles 5 thousand dollars in honor of the success of Dákiti (EFE)

Bad Bunny raffles $ 5,000 in honor of Dákiti’s success | .

The Puerto Rican singer, Bad bunny, has given a generous amount of money to one of his followers in honor of his incredible success of “Dákiti”, something that surely no other artist had done to celebrate any of his achievements.

As expected, Bad Bunny continues to celebrate the success of “Dakiti“As it continues at the top, both on the Billboard Global 200 list and in the global top of Spotify and that is why he wanted to celebrate it with his followers.

In this way, the bad bunny has drawn nothing more and nothing less than 5,000 dollars on his Instagram account.

The requirement to achieve it was to comment # Dákiti in his last publication, where he appears with a pronounced pimple on his chin and the account of this social network that did it the most times won the grand prize.

It is worth mentioning that the amount he decided to give away is not random, but has a specific meaning and purpose: to wink at the lyrics of his latest single; The part where the bad rabbit talks about being so in love with this girl that even if she is not his mistress, he does not mind spending a good amount of money on her to give her the best like makeup, luxury clothes or jewelry.

It was thus that of the almost five million comments that the publication has received, the lucky one has been the user @vvictoriaarias.

To communicate this, the singer of “Safaera” has published an Instagram story in which the photograph of her account appeared along with celebratory gifs.

In addition, the winner has shared on her account how Bad Bunny has contacted her through a private message:

You, take 5 thousand, spend it, “Bad Bunny wrote to the girl as he says in the song.

When it happened obviously the girl could not believe that Bad Bunny himself was speaking to her, because it was not only that, but I also sent her a photo in which she appears with her already usual khaki green explorer hat making the symbol of victory with his fingers and making a funny face.

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Oh my god, my hands are shaking ”, was the girl’s response.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio better known by his stage name Bad Bunny before rising to fame, he performed at small concerts in San Juan and shared videos of himself singing on Instagram.

He also shared songs on his SoundCloud account, where he achieved success and support very quickly, that is how his song “Diles” caught the attention of the music producer Luian, who hired him to be the first artist for his record label, Hear This Music .

On May 10th of this year, he released a compilation album “Las que no iban asal”, which has the participation of Don Omar, Zion & Lennox, Nicky Jam, Yandel, among others.

Later, Bad bunny stated that the song “En casita” was “a vacilón” recorded with an iPhone during the coronavirus pandemic.

And before that, he released the album “YHLQMDLG” at midnight on February 29, 2020 and the title means “I do whatever I want” and it has collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Jowell & Randy, Ñengo Flow, among others.

This album is a tribute to the marquees (garage parties) that Bad bunny He grew up attending, and features many nods to reggaeton from the early and mid-2000s.

On the other hand, in the final song of the album, “

Well, at that time he pointed out that the stress of fame has had a negative impact on his mental health, something that is understood by so much pressure he currently has because of it.

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