Bad Bunny and Anuel AA are giving something to talk about on social networks because of the sexual mention they make about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the song “Hasta Dios Dios diga”, which is part of Anuel’s new album called “Emmanuel”.

The name of the American actor Bradley Cooper was placed among the trends on Twitter, because in a part of said musical theme it is heard:

“She is my Lady Gaga and I am her Bradley Cooper, she will bring it to him and then spit it at me.”

After the collaboration of Cooper and Gaga in the movie “A Star Is Born”, it was said that a romance had arisen between them, because in the tape and in the delivery of the Oscars 2019 a great chemistry was observed, in addition to the fact that both they ended up with their respective partners back then.

Gaga denied these versions on several occasions, and made it clear that what was between her and Bradley was just a great friendship.

Although the fans of the performers applauded the musical collaboration, other netizens launched again against Bad Bunny and the sexual content of their songs.

The situation has generated memes and signs that once again bring to the table the subject of sexist content in reggaeton and trap songs.

The Anuel AA album

An approach to trap, a genre with which it emerged on the urban scene, is the musical offer proposed by Anuel AA on his new album, entitled “Emmanuel”.

Although his new musical album, released this Friday, is not exclusively dedicated to trap, since it integrates reggaeton, rap and urban rhythmic bases, he dedicated part of the 22 songs to the explicit, coarse and strong language used in the subgenre. Anuel rose to fame in that style.

The reggaetonist resumed in his second production under the Sony label what his beginnings were, leaving a little the commercial side of some of his songs that in the past months allowed him to move towards the “mainstream” and enter radio broadcasting.

In interviews with other media about the new musical project, Anuel admitted that it is a less commercial and very personal album when compared to the first studio album “Real hasta la muerte”, released in July 2018, with Sony.

With the “Emmanuel” project, he presents his being, his experiences and how he has been making his way in the urban scene.

The themes inspired by the misappropriation, drug transfer and situations on the street are present in various themes such as “We are or we are not”, “Narcos”, “Before and after” and “Russian Rifles”, the latter with Tego Calderón , among others.

The explicit sexual content that he promotes in his songs is also present in “Reguetonera”, “The problem” and “Until God Says”, recorded with Bad Bunny.

In the musical work, he highlights that the collaborations he makes with Bad Bunny, Tego Calderón, Enrique Iglesias, Yandel, Farruko and Zion can be heard coupled and without sounding forced. In fact, for fans of the genre, the two songs he did with Bad Bunny, “Until God Says and” So I am “will surely be the favorites of many.

While “Fútbol y rumba”, recorded with Enrique Iglesias, is a very festive theme that will surely be in many party “playlists”.

The situations inspired by his life cover almost the entire album. Anuel AA talks about her family, the street, sex, the love she feels for Karol G and her connection with God. It also lightly touches on historical situations in Puerto Rico, such as the resignation of the then Governor Ricardo Rosselló in the summer of 2019.

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