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The music producer Bizarrap is marking an era with its BZRP Music Sessions and the 40th has gone to Eladio Carrion. The first with the t-shirt of Campazzo and the second with that of Olajuwon create a song that in less than 24 hours has exceeded five million views. In it, is present Ben Wallace, one of the bad boys in the history of the NBA.

I’m a bad boy, mommy, like Ben Wallace

Eladio Carrion

Ben Wallace receives the nickname bad boy from the mouth of Eladio Carrión on this issue and it is no wonder. The pivot of the Pistons He has become an NBA legend for his recognizable style. That team from the beginning of the century, pure intensity, had its best exponent at number 3. Beyond the ring he achieved in 2004, Ben Wallace was Defender of the Year four times. Alone Mutombo equals him. Howard and, with this year’s, Gobert they chase him with three each.

But on a defensive level he deserves that we remember some more recognitions. He has been a member of the Best Defensive Quintets (five of the first), two times top rebounder and one top hitter in the NBA. Also the only one in history with 1,000 rebounds, 100 blocks and 100 steals in four consecutive seasons (2001-04), the only non-drafted that has been all-star and one of three with 150 blocks and 100 steals in seven consecutive seasons.

And in case there were doubts about the intensity on the Ben Wallace track, it should also be remembered that he was one of the main protagonists of Malice at the Palace (The video with the comments of Antoni Daimiel), the biggest fight ever seen in NBA history. It happened between the Pistons and the Pacers, by the hand of Ron Artest, in 2004. He tells it Larry Brown, his trainer: “We all know Ron is not in his right mind. He didn’t need anyone or anything to do something stupid. He was capable of making trouble on his own, but Jamaal Tinsley stoked the fire by reminding him of that. Last season). An absurd decision. Then I let Wallace go to the basket when Ron appeared out of nowhere and punched him in midair. Very few people remember that Ben had just lost his mother. He wasn’t even going to play. that match, but he showed up mentally unprepared. He pushed Artest so hard I didn’t even think he’d survive. We had won the match and wanted to get out of there, so all we were trying to do was reassure Ron. We got it: never We had seen him so relaxed! Until a soda fell on his face – he was lying on the scorers’ table, something that a lot understood as a gesture of provocation – and he lost the north “.

Precisely also in a song by Eladio Carrión, although Bad Bunny says it, those Detroit Pistons and their particular style are mentioned.

The dressing room playlist

Kemba Walker – Eladio Carrión ft. Bad bunny

Faith – Sech

MIB – Myke Towers

It’s bastard to be me – Bad Bunny ft. Anuel

Ronca freestyle – Bad Bunny


Soccer and rumba – Anuel ft. Enrique Iglesias

I knew – Rauw Alejandro

That’s how I am – Anuel ft. Bad bunny

Necessary evil – Cauty ft. Lenny Tavarez

Intense perreo – Ankhal, Farruko, Guaynaa & Kevvo y Gan-Ga Remix – Bryant Myers ft. Anuel

My bed – Karol G

Narcos – Anuel

Pinky ring remix – Miky Woodz, J Balvin, Myke Towers and Jhay Cortez

I don’t give a damn – Bad Bunny

2020 – Kevvo

She understood – Yandel ft. Arcangel and Farruko

Lalu – Omy de Oro

Uniform – The Academy

6 rings – Bad Bunny

You don’t put goat – Bad Bunny

The Difficult – Bad Bunny

The Bad – Sech

Bésame – Daddy Yankee, Zion & Lennox

Fulete – Anuel

Strawberry kiwi – Rauw Alejandro

<3 - Bad Bunny

Medusa – Jhay Cortez ft. Anuel and J Balvin

I didn’t put him down – Miky Woodz

Caro – Bad Bunny

I dress like this – Bad Bunny

From the heart – Bad Bunny

Se Nota – Juhn, Miky Woodz, Bryant Myers and Lary Over

Perfect – Anuel and Ozuna

Pro – Álvaro Diaz

P FKN R – Bad Bunny ft. Arcangel and Kendo Kaponi

Military – Bryant Myers ft. Chen, Farruko, El Alfa, Juliito and Omy de Oro

8/25 – Bad Bunny

Loyal – PARTYNEXTDOOR ft. Bad Bunny and Drake

Ma ‘G – J Balvin

I’m a bandit – Ovi ft. Miky woodz

I got used to it – Arcangel ft. Bad bunny

Go hard – Álvaro Díaz ft. Miky Woodz and Lyanno

Lowkey – Bryant Myers

She’s my bitch – Duki ft. Pekeño 77, Mesita, Franux BB and 44 Kid

Franchise Player – Myke Towers

Los Bo – Jhay Cortez ft. Myke Towers

Actúa – Yandel ft. Kevvo and Ñengo Flow

The Child – Lunay

Until God Says – Anuel ft. Bad bunny

Eladio Carrión || BZRP Music Sessions # 40

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