Opera GX is the “gaming browser” that the folks at Opera launched in mid-2019. It is the first browser of its kind and has been sold as one. made especially for the gamers public who plays video games and enjoys content on sites like Twitch.

The reality is that it is one more version of Opera for the Windows and macOS desktop that has interesting functions that serve even more if you are a gamer or not, and now they have added one of the weirdest and most interesting options that I have found in a browser: adaptive music.

A fairly unique browser, now with another more unique feature

Background Music Opera Gx

Background Music Settings Page

Opera GX already has a handful of interesting and unique features under its belt, such as a limiter for RAM consumption, one for CPU and one for network usage. Its design that bets on dark mode everywhere, and is even capable of forcing it on all the websites you visit.

It is very well integrated with Twitch and Discord, it has a section called GX Corner where find free games, or read news about video game releases and offers. And it also offers sound effects that are heard when doing things like typing, opening tabs, or just clicking.

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Opera Gx Background Music
Opera Gx Musica De Fondo

Quick settings side panel to turn music and sounds on or off

The last novelty in Opera GX has to do with sounds, but unlike effects that are “static”, now we have a dynamic background music. This music changes depending on what we are doing, it is adaptive.

For example, if we are only looking at a window, it is relaxed and slow, but if we start clicking, opening tabs and writing, the music intensifies and becomes more dramatic. It is extremely curious and although there are people who may seem silly without more, surely there will be more than one who will find it interesting, and even useful.

The experience is better if we use headphones, and it can be activated and deactivated in a couple of clicks from the pop-up configuration menu. Many of us turn to specialized sites and playlists with instrumental music when browsing for background use, Opera GX takes care of that for you and is an excellent option for that niche of users.

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