Three days before the start of the Formula 1 season, we have been able to know the strict protocol with which the Great Circus will work to avoid those infected in times of covid-19. The FIA ​​has prepared a 73-page manual that pilots, teams and personnel must strictly follow.

“Back to the races” is the FIA ​​manual that presents the protocol to follow in the races that will be held until a covid-19 vaccine is found, according to the German publication Auto Motor und Sport.

It is a 73-page book prepared to avoid being infected during the development of the World Cup and, if there is one, to continue with each event, if necessary with one less team. The sport has thought of all possible assumptions and they have designed a test protocol, isolation and emergency measures.

The Federation has organized the paddock so that the teams work in isolation. Teams must notify the FIA ​​of their travel plans, accommodation, their day and time of arrival, and report any suspected cases immediately.

Alfa Romeo, for example, has already made plans for the first eight Grand Prixes. The team, which was tested yesterday in Switzerland before traveling, will move the five trucks with which they travel by road between Austria, Hungary, Belgium and Italy and will only use the plane to travel to England and Spain. During the first three races, it is forbidden to go home for team members except in an emergency.

Team manager Beat Zehnder warns of the importance of not letting your guard down throughout the season. “Those who tested negative today can be positive tomorrow. So the rules are adapted from one race to the next to reflect the current situation,” Zehnder said.

Alfa Romeo, like the other teams, will travel with substitutes for each position, but Zehnder warns that being a small team they fear being in trouble if more than two mechanics become infected.

Regarding the rest of the staff, there will be a maximum of 26 commissioners in the Pit-Lane and in the paddock and in each position of the circuit, six assistants. In addition, there will be 21 specialists and three doctors available. 18 people work for the FIA ​​on tasks such as timing. The number of firefighters and ambulance personnel will depend on the circuit. At each meeting, in which the use of PPE masks is mandatory, which is done with the circuit staff, they must answer 17 questions to trace a possible chain of infection.

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