The time has come to travel back in time, with the charm that only a flying DeLorean provides and (why not) with the highest definition! Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has announced the launch of the definitive package of the saga Back to the Future, which includes all three restored 4K Ultra HD movies.

The collection Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy will go to market next October 20; that is, one day before Back to the Future Day is celebrated! Let’s not forget that – according to the sequel – it was on October 21, 2015 that Marty and the Doc arrived in a future plagued by floating skateboards and hologram advertising.

On the other hand, the announcement of the new set comes just when a couple of weeks ago (last July 3) we celebrated the 35th anniversary of the premiere of the first installment.

Great Scott! In 1985 director Robert Zemeckis, executive producer Steven Spielberg, and producer / screenwriter Bob Gale embarked on a three-part journey through time, which broke box office records and made Back to the Future one of the trilogies. most loved in the history of cinema ”, writes Universal Pictures on the official site of the saga.

According to an official description, Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy will include the three films on separate discs – with collectible packaging – and an extra disc with additional material never seen before. For example, unpublished recordings of the audition of countless actors (Ben Stiller, Jon Cryer …), a tour around the props and memorabilia of the saga, as well as a look at the musical staging of the saga.

The « final » collection can be purchased in two versions:

Blu-ray + Digital Code4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital Code.

In addition to such packages, it is emphasized that for the first time « all three Back to the Future films will be available digitally in 4K Ultra HD » and that a dedicated DVD set entitled Back to the Future: The Complete Trilogy will also be available for purchase.

Enter here to know the details about each product.

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