Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron have just gone on vacation and have joined, like every summer, Fort de Brégançon, located in the south of France.

If some unfortunately had to cancel their holidays because of the health crisis, those of Emmanuel Macron have just started. After finalizing the reshuffle of the government and appointing the new Secretaries of State, the President convened the executive during an exceptional Council of Ministers held on July 29. He then flew in the evening with his wife to the Var region in order to reach the traditional summer residence of the Presidents of the French Republic, the Fort de Brégançon.

“Calm and studious holidays”

This is how the Élysée described what will be the stay of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, which should last two weeks. Moreover, it is in all discretion that the couple went to the Fort, after a quick visit to Hyères. A resident of the town told France Bleu:

And we can’t even trust the flag that flies at the top of the Fort because before, it was only put up when the Head of State was within the walls. But now he’s there all the time.

If Emmanuel Macron intends to make the most of his vacation, however, he does not intend to abandon his many ongoing files either. Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson, suggested that managing the pandemic remained a priority and that several meetings could take place by video conference:

The president obviously continues to follow national and international current affairs issues and remains particularly attentive to the evolution of the health situation in the territory. He also reminded members of the government on Wednesday of the need to remain on permanent watch and fully mobilized.

A busy start to the school year

If the Élysée did not reveal anything about the daily life of the presidential couple during their stay, it could well be that they participate in the ceremony to commemorate the D-Day landings in Provence, which takes place each year on August 17 in Bormes-les -Mimosa.

Emmanuel Macron’s return to school is scheduled for August 25 but his vacation could be shortened depending on the evolution of the pandemic. In addition, he will have to present before the end of the summer a recovery plan of 100 billion euros. A colossal project that is well worth taking a few days off.