Back to back

This song has to be danced yes or yes, and it is that the canteens, bars, clubs and dance halls are already clearly beginning to reopen with their respective sanitary measures, and that makes it possible for us to go dancing, and this song cannot missing, back to back, are you ready?

Well, De Vuelta Pa La Vuelta is an excellent collaboration between Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee, the song is originally by Daddy Yankee but this time he decided to work in collaboration with the handsome and equally talented Marc Anthony! You’re going to love it!

This song talks about a woman, who did not know how to value the real and true love of a man, and the man, one day, takes his dignity, his self-love, his security and his self-respect and sends her, but yes, to fry honest, that’s what we all should do.

When your partner cheats on you, the best thing you can do is let that person go, and yes, second chances of course exist but not for that person but for you, and let’s be honest, it’s a pattern that does it once, it will do it two, three and 50 more times, why do we say it? Because it’s real, it’s like this, that’s the way it always is, unless you go to therapy, and change your mentality and behavior patterns, but the truth is that narcissistic and unfaithful people rarely accept that they have bad behaviors, from there everything is done wrong.

So the best thing you can do in these cases is to take your dignity and your self-love and give yourself a second chance for yourself, and to get to know love again but in another person who does know how to value what you give and offer.

We do not say it, Daddy Yankee and Marc Anthony say it in “Back to back”, “And it is clear that you lost when you lost me, and I lost when I met you”

It had to be said and it was said.

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