Back at the hospital, Julio Preciado entered the operating room today

Back at the hospital, Julio Preciado entered the operating room today | INSTAGRAM

The famous singer from regional mexican Julio Preciado had to enter the hospital again to undergo a surgical process although this time it has nothing to do with kidney transplantation, a process It was already done and it went very well, but it is an operation to be able to walk.

This is how the singer communicated with the media and he shared that this Tuesday at seven in the morning he would enter the operating room to place a gastric sleeve hoping that everything goes well.

But why will the sleeve be placed according to the Sinaloense? surgery it is for health Well, thanks to being overweight, he has had many problems walking.

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Of course you tried not to have surgery through exercise Y subsistence allowance Quite strict, however, he was not very successful, he only managed to lose three kilos and the doctors recommended that putting on the gastric sleeve could be the best for him.

“Without fear, I have great faith that everything will turn out very well and above all I do it for my health, so my dear fat man, do not think that I will look like my friend Pancho Barraza or like Lupillo Rivera that strong, but I’m leaving to lose a few kilos to improve my health, ”Julio Preciado said to the members of the media who showed up at the hospital as well as the 3 days before the procedure because he needed to undergo a rigorous liquid diet.

Of course, Julio Preciado thanked his fans for being aware of him and his health since the kidney transplant was performed as well as now that he is simply looking to improve his health, asking that they please pray for him and Send him good vibes so that everything goes very well with his surgery.

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It is necessary to mention that a few months ago, he underwent a kidney transplant that was donated by his daughter Yuliana, it was then that “El Gigante de la Banda” commented that he was going to undergo another surgical procedure again, which is today.

In an interview with a renowned program, the singer revealed a few months ago that he had to go to the hospital because he caught dengue, a condition that made him incur many expenses, in addition to those he had previously made for his stays in the hospital.

For the moment, we hope that the situation improves for him, that he comes out of all these procedures well, that his health improves and that he recovers so that he has a better quality of life, which is what he is looking for and that he can continue to enjoy life.

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