Baby Yoda infuriates a group of religious conservatives for his appearance in roscón de Reyes

It might seem like a joke, but the truth is that we are talking about real news. Baby yoda, the beloved little character who has won the affection of the public thanks to his appearances in the series ‘The Mandalorian’, has been publicly denounced by the National Front of the Family of Mexico considering that it has carried out a « direct attack on religion ».

Baby Yoda and his controversial figure

If the news in itself could already seem irreverent, the reason could be even more so, and that is that it all started with the sale of some roscones de Reyes which, instead of carrying the traditional religious figures inside, included a small figure of the popular character from the ‘Star Wars’ universe. « This is an attack on family values. It is a direct attack on religionThey are putting aside the holy family, « they assured from the National Family Front.

The statement continued to attack the presence of Baby Yoda in the traditional roscón: « It is a deterioration of the values ​​of the family because they are fictional characters. We are teaching children that we can give a family value to a comic with characters from ‘Star Wars’ and we do not give the proper value to the birth of the child God « .

Internet, riddled with memes

The funny event has caused social networks are full of memes. The image of conservative groups taking little Baby Yoda as their new enemy has brought laughter, celebrations and even several users have decided to catalog the little character as a « LGTBI icon », by making religious and conservatives furious.