Baby was bitten by pit bull in Connecticut; your father is suspected of starting a fire

A newborn boy was apparently attacked by a dog and a few hours later a nearby fire broke out that police suspect was started by the boy’s father, in Connecticut.

On Monday shortly after 8:30 p.m., the Norwich responded to a fatal dog attack on a one-month-old boy. Then, approximately eight hours later, the Fire Department of New London was called to a house fire.

Authorities believe the two cases are connected. First, police and emergency medical services arrived at the apartment building at 36 McKinley Ave. “Upon arrival, officers discovered that the family dog ​​had attacked a one-month-old baby,” said Lt. John Perry of the Norwich Police Department.

The baby, Carter Settles, succumbed to injuries sustained. “The family dog ​​was a male mixed breed pit bull,” Perry pointed out. “There were two adult relatives in the residence at that time”: the boy’s mother and paternal grandmother.

The animal was quarantined for 14 days as mandated by Norwich Animal Control. And police have not yet determined whether they will apply for a death warrant, Fox News reported.

Coincidence or not, the baby’s father, Timothy Settles, who did not live with him, is now wanted by New London police for questioning, not in connection with the child’s death, but rather over a fire reported early yesterday in the tomorrow at 10 Rosemary Street, New London.

“There are some unusual circumstances with this fire,” said Mayor Michael Passero. “It doesn’t seem to be accidental.” A first-floor porch was intentionally burned according to investigators. “The information we get is that (Settles) was the last person at the door before the fire started,” said Peter Reichard, chief of the New London Police Department.

He added that still they did not have enough evidence to request an arrest warrant for Settles, who has disappeared. Sources close to the investigation say a Settles relative lived in the house where the fire spread rapidly from the first to the second floor. All residents escaped home safely.

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