A 5-month-old Haitian girl died in the Dominican municipality of Comendador, on the border with Haiti, after an alleged witch doctor gave her to take turtle blood to prevent diseases, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, they reported this Tuesday to Efe hospital sources.

The parents of the minor and another sister, 7 years old, also had the drink and are admitted to the Rosa Duarte Hospital, in Comendador, in the Elías Piña province (west), but “they are stable”, although sad about what happened , the center director, Dahiana Volquez, told Efe by phone.

The case occurred on Sunday night, although it was released on Tuesday.

According to Vólquez, the girl arrived dead at the aforementioned hospital, after ingesting a drink prepared with various ingredients, including blood turtle blood, which the family obtained through an alleged witch, a Haitian national, with the intention of ” protect yourself “against diseases such as coronavirus and the so-called” evil eye “.

The doctor told Efe that this is part of the “ignorance” of many people who believe in this type of drink to cure illnesses, but who, as in this case, end up being fatal.

The Dominican Republic registers 15,264 cases of coronavirus, with 468 deaths, while Haiti has 1,063 infected and 31 died from the disease, according to the latest official data.

Another 177 people have died since April in the Dominican Republic from the use of cleric, a clandestine alcoholic beverage that was adulterated with methanol.

Clerén is a low-cost cane distillate whose consumption is widespread in Haiti, on the Dominican-Haitian border, as well as in poor areas in the Dominican capital.

In some cases, the drink was ingested due to the belief that it protects from COVID-19, according to information released by the Dominican Ministry of Public Health