A small baby just five months old died after being given a drink turtle blood, to supposedly protect her from COVID-19 coronavirus.

The terrible event was recorded in Dominican Republic, after the minor was taken to the Rosa Duarte Hospital after presenting complications from ingestion of the turtle blood.

According to the newspaper El Universal, the baby and her family are from Haiti. Apparently they all ended up in the hospital due to an alleged sorcerer giving them a concoction that included turtle hicotea.

The reason the family ingested the potion was to stay safe from the “evil eye” and the coronavirus COVID-19, although there is still no scientific cure for the new disease.

The director of the Rosa Duarte Hospital, Dahiana Vólquez, confirmed to the . agency that the baby arrived dead at the compound and that her relatives are stable but sad because of what happened.

The health professional also said that this type of practice is part of the ignorance of many people, who believe that drinks with animal blood can be used to cure illnesses.

It should be noted that the turtle hicotea It is a species that is threatened by its overexploitation for human consumption.

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