Aznar accuses the PSOE of reaching the Government “using 11-M and with a motion supported by separatists and exterrorists”

José María Aznar has accused the PSOE of reaching the Government “at least” on two occasions “in very special circumstances”, using the 11-M attacks and with a motion of censure along with “separatists and exterrorists.”

The one who was president of the Government between 1996 and 2004 has affirmed, without an iota of doubt in his words, that the Socialist Party came to power “in 2004, as a result of terrorist attacks, using those terrorist attacks to try to affect the credibility of the Government and, in 2018, through a motion of censure supported by separatists and exterrorists ”.

“It has been the way in which the Government has come to power,” remarked the former popular leader in a ceremony held this Friday where he shared the stage with Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

In relation to the pardons granted by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, Aznar has asked “take care” [sic]. “In the event that there is a plan, which I don’t know if there is, and there is talk of building a new country, my first consideration is ‘take care’, because with history no experiments are made and also a new country is not built regardless of the other half of the country, at least. Impossible. A country is destroyed ”, he warned, to add that if that is the way it is“ doomed to great failure ”.

“The PSOE has come to the Government at least twice in very special circumstances” José María Aznar

When asked what is the alternative that the PP proposes to the dialogue that the Government has opened, Aznar stressed that “the question consists of respecting and complying with” both the law and the rule of law.

For Aznar, Pedro Sánchez is “laminating the credit” of the Supreme Court with the granting of pardons to the leaders of the ‘procés’ c …

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