Ayuso qualifies a triumphalist speech by Casado on Twitter and he ends up retweeting it

Married and Ayuso, at the inauguration of the Madrid president (Photo: NurPhoto via .)

It was the holiday for Pablo Casado on the third anniversary of his appointment as leader of the PP, but Isabel Díaz Ayuso did not want to miss his share of prominence.

It has done so after the opposition leader explained that his party is “prepared to win” with a reformist agenda for Spain. Married, in addition, he has become the “only alternative” to Sánchez, who “is already in the past even though he does not know it.”

However, Ayuso, who (yes), has congratulated him on “these three years of illusion”, has qualified the words of his national president. “More than winning, we must reform and solve the problems of Spain” because, as he said, “evil does not rest.”

Sources from the PP leadership consulted by Europa Press have rejected that with that message they are sending a message to Casado, since, as they have underlined, Casado himself has emphasized that reformist agenda that they will have to carry out as soon as they reach Moncloa and Ayuso herself have recognized this in her speech before the Board of Directors.

Casado himself has ‘retweeted’ this message from the Madrid president on social networks this afternoon, as well as that of other regional presidents who have congratulated him on his work these three years with the hashtag 3 añosConstruiendo.

The Madrid president has criticized the regulations promoted by the Pedro Sánchez Government, among which she has cited the Democratic Memory Law, the Citizen Security Law or the educational reform, known as the ‘Celáa Law’. “Everything against freedom, educational quality and unity of the Spanish,” he adds in his tweet.

Ayuso has highlighted that the PP is in a “privileged” situation to recover the country. “The center-right is in fashion,” he assured behind closed doors, to bet on giving all the battles and carrying out the necessary reforms, according to party sources.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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