Ayuso defends that, indeed, in Madrid citizens can do “whatever they want”

Holidays after the end of the state of alarm. (Photo: NurPhoto via NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The acting president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has argued that “of course” in the region citizens can do whatever they “want” but has appealed to responsibility in the face of the pandemic.

This is how he has answered, in an interview on ‘Antena 3’, to the criticism of the leader of Más Madrid, Mónica García, who stated that “individual responsibility cannot be asked of citizens when governments are not responsible and have encouraged to say that living in Madrid is doing whatever you want ”.

“Of course we can do whatever we want. The only thing missing was that we had to do what this woman or the left said, which is very given to saying that you have to close, that you have to live in a certain way, that I will give you a subsidy and I will come to fix your life when it is something absolutely false ”, he maintained.

Another thing is, for the regional president, “not respecting health standards” or not being “responsible.” “Now it is the citizens who individually have to help us. We have to help each other because precisely in the absence of laws, regulations, the administrations are not going to be able to be in every corner. Now is when citizens have to be more responsible than ever while vaccination arrives and we continue with some restrictive measures ”, he declared.

In his opinion, “what cannot be done is to summarize life in Madrid, as the left has tried to do, in bulls, canes or cockles” because it is a “lack of respect for the country’s leading economy.” At this point, he has criticized that the left continues to “insult Madrid society.”

“People in Madrid get up early too …

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