The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, celebrated this Friday that the Community of Madrid go to phase 1 of the de-escalation by the coronavirus, although they recalled that you cannot “let your guard down” because the battle against the virus “is not won”.

“We cannot let our guard down,” both leaders stressed, in a videoconference with journalists, from the Royal Post Office, Ayuso stressed that the total confinement of the region, thanks to the “effort” of the people of Madrid, meant that it could “contain the massive spread“But he warned that” the virus has not disappeared “. For this reason, it has appealed to collective and individual responsibility to “keep moving forward.”

To tackle the next phase, according to the president, the health system is “strengthened and ready” if there is any kind of rebound. «We have surprised the world. Madrid has done it for the work of its toilets and for the great efforts that we have all made ”, he pointed out, at the same time that he has focused on the fact that now is the time to transfer support to merchants as well.

Thus, he stated that he feels «very optimistic, eager to continue walking as he always does“Reports Europa Press. At this point, it has appealed to the capacity of “resistance and restart” of the Community of Madrid.

«The fight is not yet won»

Along the same lines, José Luis Martínez-Almeida has celebrated the move to phase 1, in which he sees a “halo of hope” for the people of Madrid, who at the same time reminded him that we must continue to be “prudent” because « the fight is not won ». “We are at an important step now, and we are winning this fight but the fight is not won“, has manifested.

Almeida recalled that “a few months ago” he also appeared with Ayuso in this same place to communicate to the people of Madrid that “they were going to live the most difficult hours.” “Unfortunately we did not fail and we can say that Madrid has never experienced such complicated times“He has expressed, to further value the pride he feels for the” courage and civility with which the people of Madrid have managed to face these times “, since they asked for” exorbitant responsibilities “and the citizens fulfilled” with integrity “.

Thus, after looking with “optimism” at progress, the councilor has assured that you cannot “let your guard down”, since “this is only a very important first step of all that must be taken, in order to look back with pride and say we beat this pandemic«. “Responsibility. There are important restrictions ”, he recalled.

He also had words for the “social and economic crisis” that is already in the city and that is having “devastating social consequences«. For this reason, he stated that the regional and municipal government will work together “to take this situation forward, so that in a while you can go back and know that you have been able to achieve great challenges.”

Concern about the social crisis

«We have never left, but it will again be the Madrid that we long for and that we carry in our hearts and that we will enjoy again; with the effort with which we have faced the pandemic, now face the social emergency and economic crisis«, Has added immediately.

Facing the new stage, the regional government will issue an order this weekend with basic recommendations such as wear a mask, wash your hands frequently or the use of hydroalcoholic solutions, which “will increasingly be in more establishments and public transport.”

Also, in homes, it will be requested do not use the elevator if possible, change clothes when you get home, ventilate the rooms well or “clean excessively” while, in the workplace, encourage teleworking and staggering work, to avoid rush hours. Regarding sports, walking outdoors recommends that it be done at a distance of at least two meters and if it is for running or riding a bicycle it is done at six meters.

Ayuso has emphasized that we must focus on “protection of the elderly”, making business hours more flexible, promoting home deliveries and trying to keep them waiting for the shortest possible time.

Public parks reopen

The 19 large parks in the capital, such as El Retiro or Casa de Campo, will open this Monday as the phase progresses in the de-escalation. The mayor has called for caution, and has assured that “it is essential that even if you can go, you continue to do so responsibly.”

In this regard, he said that «the best form of control is responsibility»And that controls and presence of the Municipal Police will be established. “Let’s face it, a city of 3 million people where those surfaces are not susceptible to massive control; the Municipal Police cannot be in every corner of these parks ”, he specified.

On the use of public transport in the capital, both Metro and buses of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) or BiciMAD, Martínez-Almeida has indicated that its use “is safe” and that “it does not increase the possibility of contagion”.