Ayuso accuses the PSOE of being a refuge for coup plotters, bastasuns, squatters and Bolivarians

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, during the presentation of the PP list for the Madrid elections. (Photo: Europa Press News / Getty Images)

The president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for the next regional elections, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has charged harshly against Pedro Sánchez by directly accusing him of being responsible for the lack of exhaustive controls at the Barajas airport.

However, one of the most curious details has been his way of describing the capital of Spain. Díaz Ayuso has described it as a “Gallic village of resistance”. In his opinion, he believes that there is “nervousness” in the ranks of the Government of Spain and considers that the president has fully entered the electoral campaign.

In addition, Ayuso has denounced that the Socialists share a government with a “communist, anti-system, openly civil war and whose declared objective is to end the 1978 model”. “Today, the socialist party is a member of a formation whose leaders are imprisoned for carrying out a coup in 2017, ruining coexistence and poisoning Catalan society,” he launched.
For Ayuso, the objective of part of the Government of Spain and the political forces that support it is “to end the parliamentary monarchy, assault the Judiciary and liquidate the current autonomous model, the three main beams of 78”.

In the same sense, the popular has described the PSOE as “a haven for coup plotters”, noting that “the socialist party has placed itself in the hands of all the enemies of our country.”

The regional president has also addressed the scenes of bottles seen during the Easter holidays, in her opinion a “result of policies of massive closures.” For Díaz Ayuso, Madrid is “an example of how far you can go when you apply policies that treat citizens …

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