Axtel users receive mail from Izzi and put the notice on trend

Axtel subscribers were notified about the services they will receive from telecoms firm Izzi.

From November 20 their services will be reviewed under that brand, something that not everyone knew.

In social networks, some show their annoyance at the change, although the sale occurred in 2018.

It was in December 2018, when the Monterrey Axtel closed the sale of its fiber optic business (FTTx) from the mass segment to Televisa, owner of Izzi, with coverage in the main cities of Mexico, such as Monterrey, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes, Mexico City, etc.

The sale of Axtel to Televisa was completed during 2019, when the fiber optic business of the mass segment in the rest in the cities of León, Puebla, Toluca, Guadalajara and Querétaro from Axtel was transferred to Megacable Holdings. With this last transaction, Axtel transferred 55 thousand residential and micro-business clients to Megacable, 1,370 km of fiber optic network and other assets related to the operation of the mass segment in these cities.

Since then, Axtel has not offered Triple Play services (telephony, internet, television) to homes; However, it is until now that some of the brand’s clients are finding out that their company is now Izzi, owned by Televisa, from an email sent with the information. In social networks, the issue has been a trend due to the ignorance of the subject by many of them and some complaints about it.

Axtel subscribers were notified about the services they will receive from the telecommunications firm Izzi: “We are changing to offer you the best… As of November 20, users will have a new account number; select your city and click on Find your Izzi account ”.

In Twitter You can see the statement that Izzi sent today to Axtel subscribers, advising them of the details and also the response of users in this regard:

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According to the Second Survey 2020, of the IFT, where user satisfaction levels are obtained with their mobile telephony and fixed internet services, Telcel, Movistar or AT&T have not achieved positive levels in this regard.

Meanwhile, with respect to the internet, it is surprising that Totalplay has satisfaction on medium-level fixed internet during 2019, while all the others are at a low level: Totalplay with 75.7 points, Grupo Televisa with 71.7, Telmex with 71.1, Axtel with 69.4 and Megacable with 69 points.

In contrast, data from the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), which revealed that Telcel, Izzi, AT&T and Movistar they are the companies that most anger their consumers this year. Data ranging from March 20 and April 30, state that the main problems reported by users against Telcel, Izzi, AT&T and Movistar, were related to problems and failures in the service.

Although Profeco did not give specific figures, it detailed that in the mentioned period, Telcel was the company with the most complaints among consumers, followed by Izzi, AT&T and Movistar.