Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins began the press conference by explaining that a new self-service testing center was opened today at the Walmart Distribution Center, located at 1025 West Trinity Mills Road, Carrollton.

It will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m. m. at 4 p. m. You can check the requirements and appointments available on the following website:

Jenkins also explained that another test center will open next week at Walmart Supercenter located at 9410 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75220.

Similarly, the judge thanked the managers of the Moody Foundation since they made a donation of $ 150,000, which will help buy protective items such as masks, gloves, etc.

Regarding the infection figures, the judge indicated that today, Friday, May 1, is the day where more cases of coronavirus have been registered. The new cases include 187 residents and 2 deaths, bringing the number of positive cases to 3,718 and 106 deaths.

The deaths also include that of a 20-year-old who had no other medical problems. People in their 30s and minors have also died.

One of the points Jenkins emphasized is that just because we can get out now doesn’t mean we have to. On the contrary, he explained that we have to see that the curve of cases flattens for two weeks in a row, which is something that we have not yet seen.

We’ve had a 20 percent increase in deaths this week, so it’s not time to stop and keep making good decisions

added Clay Jenkins, Dallas County judge.

Many people have asked him what to do if his employers want them to return to work. Jenkins explains that it is best to talk to your bosses about the situation and investigate if the company falls under the new guidelines issued by the state government.

“Avoid unnecessary contact with people outside your family. Keep your distance at 6 feet,” Jenkins explained.

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS) stressed the judge’s figures, and that today had the highest number of cases in the county followed by Thursday, December 30. April.

Regarding the cases in the county jail, the judge noted that now 219 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19, and also 24 employees.

During a press conference, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins explained the following about the reopening of business.


During the press conference held Tuesday afternoon, the Dallas County judge explained that today is one of the deadliest days and with the highest number of cases of coronavirus (COVID-19).

He began by mentioning the deaths that occurred in the county, including that of a 17-year-old girl who attended the Lancaster High School.

Until 11 a.m. m. Tuesday, the county recorded 135 additional COVID-19 cases and 10 deaths. These figures increase the number of affected to 3,240.

On Governor Abbott’s order to reopen business on May 1, Jenkins explained that it is now up to the community and businessmen to make the right decisions.

One of the points he emphasized is about how the community should continue with social distancing and not gather for barbecues or celebrations, especially if people are 65 or older.

Jenkins quoted President Trump and the CDC on how they recommend that the rules not be softened but have had 2 weeks where cases of coronavirus have dropped. This is not the case for Dallas County, Jenkins explained, citing several examples from the past few weeks.

Regarding the reopening of business on May 1, Jenkins said that we might see an increase in the number of infections, but that’s when people have to make the best decisions.

Some cinemas said they have decided not to reopen their doors, while others decided that they will, but this is when residents have to make the best choice and not only do it for themselves but also for their families.

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS) said that over today’s number, 135 cases, is the highest number ever in a single day.

About county jails, Huang said there are 177 confirmed cases in inmates, and 15 in employees.

“Well, stores that sell clothes, shoes, that kind of thing, can already start opening tomorrow and everything will be to go,” said Jheison Romain, an adviser to the Dallas County Judge. Here more details.


Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said he had sad news to share as seven people lost their lives due to COVID-19 on Wednesday.

One of them was a 70-year-old woman, who was found dead in her home. The other three were hospitalized, while the rest were not in a medical center.

Friday is a big change for Dallas County as several businesses may reopen, but with certain restrictions.

They may offer their services but only to take away, and these include clothing stores, department stores, beauty stores and those that sell hair products.

One of the points that the judge emphasized is that these places will have to practice social distancing, and if possible, offer the option of online payment so that people only pick up purchases from their vehicles.

Those businesses where direct contact with people is required are not yet allowed to offer services, that is: beauty salons, spas, massage centers, shops that offer tattoos, etc.

Jenkins also invited the community to review, which is a site that also has a mobile application that is participating with Walmart stores. That is, people can see which of their neighbors will go to the supermarket, and thus they can request products.

Regarding church services, it was explained that Governor Greg Abbott gave the option for church leaders to reopen them, but as long as they follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, while not being in an area where high numbers of infections have been registered.

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS) revealed that 72 people have died so far, and that 118 of the positive cases have been reported to the county jail. . Additionally, 10 employees of this place tested positive.

Huang also showed charts about other cities and how these have been affected by COVID-19, which is something they want to avoid in our area.

Below, we share the document that details the rules that businesses must follow to reopen to the public:


During a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins confirmed that an additional 90 cases and 4 deaths from COVID-19 were recorded.

Among the victims is a 60-year-old man, who lived in Mesquite and was in critical condition. Another victim was a 70-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman, who had no other medical problems.

On the order to stay home, Jenkins explained that it was Tuesday, April 21, when the court extended said measure. He added that this does not consist of reopening the businesses immediately, but on the contrary, it means that they are helping so that everyone remains safe, so that later they can reopen the economy without problems.

Said extension, according to Jenkins, does not interfere with Governor Abbott’s measure to reopen the economy.

If we did not have any type of measures such as social distancing or the use of masks, then there would be more movement and this could delay the reopening of the economy.

said Clay Jenkins, a Dallas County judge.

He indicated that they are requesting that people wear masks when they go to businesses considered essential, including the doctor.

Jenkins confirmed that on Friday, April 24, they will also open two test sites at Walgreens pharmacies, and that last week they received 100 tests for these places. Efforts continue to obtain more medical equipment in South Dallas.

On the asylums, Jenkins explained that these are places where they are also focusing their attention since several cases have been registered in them.

They are not asking everyone to buy a professional mask. This can be created at home or use something as simple as the following.


With a new preventative measure to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Dallas County judge began the press conference Thursday afternoon.

Clay Jenkins explained that with this new measure, people should use face masks to go to places like supermarkets, the doctor, or any other business considered essential. The same applies to workers in these places.

The judge also noted that he consulted this measure with experts, which also complies with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Should you wear a face mask when you are in the vehicle? Jenkins said it is not necessary and neither is it if you are walking around your house, but it is important that you take all necessary steps.

An important point that he emphasized is that they are not asking everyone to go buy a professional mask. This can be created at home or use something as simple as a sheath, a pillow, or even a towel, since what they are looking for is to reduce the spread of the virus.

The idea of ​​covering your mouth is not because everything is getting worse. It is because we are reaching the curve, which at the same time is flattening, but the measure is a way for this to end sooner

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said.

Regarding COVID-19 testing sites, the judge explained that 2 locations will open next week at Walgreens pharmacies located in Dallas, on S Buckner Boulevard, and the other in Tarrant County, on West Camp Bowie Boulevard.

In these places, a maximum of 160 tests per day will be offered, but the results will be available in 1 day.

Also, Dallas authorities remind the community that they can call the following number for information about COVID-19 and its impact: 214-670-INFO.

“Don’t use outings as entertainment. Make a list, and try to go to the supermarket once a week,” added the judge, as they are now seeing more cars on the streets.

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS) explained that 80 additional cases, and 7 deaths, were confirmed today, bringing the total number in the county to 2,066. .

In prison, according to Huang, the number of positive cases for COVID-19 is 51 inmates, and 8 are employees of this place.

The highest number of deaths in a day from coronavirus is recorded in Dallas County, but at the same time, the curve begins to flatten. Here more details.


Clay Jenkins, a Dallas County judge, explained that 10 people were reported killed by coronavirus on Tuesday. They died in adult care centers, others in their homes, and others in the hospital. The ages of the deceased range from 30 to 90 years.

Of the new positive cases, 89 were reported, and Jenkins explained that this shows that the contagion curve is flattening, but that still the cases in the asylums are the main concern since it is very difficult to stop the spread in places like these.

The judge also indicated that among the cases that have been reported, 69 percent have been in people over 60, and that 30 percent have had diabetes. This is why he asked people who do have diabetes to take care of themselves even more.

I know that people are tired of being at home … but there are people who do not want to follow these measures and want to visit friends. However, if we want to succeed, it is important that you follow these rules and make good decisions to flatten this curve.

Judge Jenkins said when speaking about the cases and the order to stay home.

Jenkins explained that the peak of the curve could come in late April or May, but he couldn’t help but ask people to keep making good decisions, stay home, and follow the rules of social distancing.

During the conference there was also talk of a donation of $ 250,000 made by the Goldman Sachs company. These funds, according to Jenkins, will be used to purchase personal protective equipment, and she thanked the community for all the donations. Also, he explained that you can donate by entering the following website:

Regarding the help offered by the North Texas Food Bank, the judge explained that 70% of the people who have come forward have never come to this center for help.

Jenkins also mentioned that they need to increase the number of COVID-19 tests being offered across the county, and this includes having more machines that evaluate these results.

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS) explained that the deaths and new cases are a reminder that we have to take this very seriously, and we cannot allow it to continue. increasing.

Huang says they have received good news that the rules of staying home and social distancing are having a positive effect. However, it is important that they continue to be met.

Here we share the details about the cases of COVID-19 that have been reported so far:

During a press conference, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins discussed the help available to small businesses and the evidence that could soon be offered at Walgreens pharmacies.


During the conference on Friday afternoon, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins explained that he had a conversation with Walgreens executives about testing for coronavirus. These have been accepted by the Department of Health and Human Services, but have not yet determined in which stores they will be offered.

Jenkins also asked the community to fill out the 2020 Census forms because they are unable to send staff home due to precautionary measures due to COVID-19 right now. He emphasized that completing it is important because, in part, this helps determine the federal aid they receive for these types of situations like the ones we are going through now. The website for more information is or they can call 1844-330-2020.

One of the details he explained is that they are realizing that many small businesses don’t know or understand how they can access the payment protection program. For more details you can visit

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS), said that 105 new cases of COVID-19 and 3 deaths were reported today. Cases include 31 inmates who have tested positive for the coronavirus, and 2 detention officers.

During a press conference, Dallas County officials provided an update on the coronavirus deaths and cases reported so far.


Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins explained that health authorities sent him a letter explaining that they extended the date of the coronavirus test sites (COVID-19) to May 30, 2020.

Also, Jenkins emphasized that in You will find a list of resources that are free and available to the community. These include help with food, mental health services, ways to control the coronavirus, etc.

One of the points that he emphasized for the community is the fact of using masks to protect themselves in a better way to contract the virus. Jenkins said that they are very easy to use, and that they recommend not touching the front of them, and always grasping them on the sides.

Jenkins also asks people if they don’t need to leave home, then don’t, and even cut down on family gatherings or visits if they’re not needed.

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS), explained that 63 new cases were reported today, which now number 1,324. 6 additional cases are reported in the prison, where the total is 29 and includes 2 detention officers. There have also been 20 deaths in the county.

Projections on COVID-19 cases were also presented during the press conference and indicate that these could increase in late April and early May.

The Dallas County Judge said cases have increased and that the North Texas Food Bank is now asking for more donations.


Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins began the conference by talking about ways the community can continue to help stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). These include staying at home, always washing hands, and maintaining social distance.

Jenkins also talked about how he has worked with his team to ask for help from the state government, thereby reaching out to everyone who needs food, especially those who have lost their jobs.

One of the announcements the judge made during this press conference is how now on the county website ( residents will find a link to donate or request food.

This link was added because it requested state aid to supply the food banks in North Texas, but it was denied.

That is why he explained that he decided to take action and create a local plan. That is, if for some reason you do not have the necessary resources to buy food, on the county website you will find several links, one of them is the following:, where the distribution centers closest to your home are listed. But that’s not all, you also have the option to donate to other families, according to the judge.

One of the points to highlight is that they prefer that you make your donation and not take the food to the centers, since in this way they can buy in bulk and help more people.

Jenkins will also ask Gov. Greg Abbot that congressionally approved funds can be added to the Lone Star cards, as thousands of Texans also use them to receive benefits like SNAP and WIC.

In a letter sent by Luis Saenz, chief of staff for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office, Jenkins explained that it was all a misunderstanding and more than all a rumor.

In that letter, Saenz indicated that he was told that Jenkins would have explained that they would not use the hospital that is being built at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in downtown Dallas.

That rumor would have led to the statement stating that if the resources provided were not used in Dallas County, then the federal government could take them to a place where they do use them.

Jenkins said it all stemmed from a call and a misunderstanding, but that any questions the head of Abbott’s office had, then he could call him directly since since Rick Perry was Governor, he has kept the same number. of phone.

The judge explained that this structure is essential for the current situation in case more patient beds are needed, since 50% of the beds are now occupied in the county hospital.

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS), explained that 97 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Dallas County, which he said brought the number to 1,112. Twenty-four cases have been registered in the prison, of which 22 have been convicted, and 2 have been arrested.


During Thursday afternoon, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins confirmed 100 new cases of coronavirus and two deaths in the county, bringing the total number of infections to 831.

The judge also spoke about the religious services and the confusion that was generated after the announcement of Governor Greg Abbott, who explained that these are considered essential, which gives the option that people can meet.

In the face of this confusion, Jenkins said that different judges contacted each other to clarify the announcement, since it goes against the orders they have issued.

But the governor then clarified that each local government has the authority to assess the situation and implement the necessary measures.

The Dallas County Judge explained that at the local level they will follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which explain that meetings of people to avoid contagion should be avoided.

That is, it is okay if people in Dallas County want to receive communion through self-service, but as long as they keep their vehicle’s distance when they are on the line. Also, they invite all religious to continue transmitting masses or meetings through the internet.

One of the points that Jenkins highlighted was that of those businesses, such as Hobby Lobby, that have kept their doors open despite the orders detailing that only businesses considered essential can operate.

The judge explained that after receiving several complaints about Hobby Lobby, he asked his team to send a letter to said businesses to close their doors immediately.

99 percent of the business community has put its employees’ health first before earnings

County Judge Clay Jenkins said.

Due to complaints received by many people that their employers have not stopped their operations or are not following the necessary measures, the judge emphasized that they should immediately report them on the county website, which is in Spanish:

The judge said he does not want them to think he is against business, but he does want them to abide by the rules in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Over the 100 positive cases reported today, those people were infected two weeks ago, but we will soon see the benefits of all the residents of the state staying at home. We know that we are at the forefront of the curve, but with the actions of the community we’re going to stop the spread, “Jenkins added.

Jenkins also stressed that when they go to the supermarket, they do not go with five people, and that they do not take all the products.

“Leave [productos] for your neighbors. We can all be selfish, but we have to make the best decisions. Let’s get over it and move on, “he said.

Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS), said that the reported cases include 23 infections in prison, where 21 are inmates and 2 are detention officers. .

What started with allergy symptoms ended in a COVID-19 diagnosis for a Dallas resident. He spoke before our cameras and this is what he told us.


The numbers for coronavirus cases rose to 100 infections on Wednesday, but also Judge Clay Jenkins explained that death number 14 and 15 were reported.

For his part, Dr. Phillip Huang, director of the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services (DCHHS), said two new cases were reported at Edgemere Adult Care Center, 20 new cases in jail, and an additional one in a detention officer.

Jenkins explained that the community may be concerned about the increase in cases, but this is precisely what they have been trying to communicate to them since last month, so they should not be alarmed. On the contrary, he explained that this is a way to increase care on a personal level to also make better decisions and not be exposed to COVID-19.

The judge also emphasized that they want to hear the community’s response on the way in which authorities are handling the situation, and their suggestions can be made through the website.

For his part, on the confusion of some business employees who remain open, because they do not know whether or not they are considered essential, the judge says that he has his lawyers reviewing those cases, and that if the businesses are open and not they are essential, so they are violating his order as well as that of Governor Greg Abbott.

One of the very important points that the judge stressed is that if immigrants go and get tested for COVID-19 in one of the centers available in the county, these are not considered as public charge since they do not share information or data from health with any agency or other authorities. The goal is always to protect the entire community, he added.

In the event that the number of people affected by coronavirus increases, authorities have begun to take action at a convention center that will become a hospital. Here the details.


With 13 deaths, 82 new cases and more than 630 infections, that’s how it started for Dallas County on Tuesday.

County Judge Clay Jenkins announced that hospitals should regularly provide updates on the number of beds and fans that are being occupied, as well as those that are also available. This was implemented in the city of Dallas, but the judge said that it was extended to the entire county in order to have more exact figures.

Jenkins also asks the community not to go to the supermarket daily, he asks people to make a list of things they need and then take a single trip to reduce exposure to COVID-19.

The judge explained that some supermarkets, such as Kroger and Tom Thumb, are also cashing checks without charging any fees, which is something he said he is very grateful for as it levels the economy.

Regarding adult care centers, Jenkins said that it is important to consider that family members take them home, but this action will take place as long as the adults do not present symptoms and / or give negative tests carried out by COVID- 19.

The reminder to follow the instructions provided by authorities is also for all those who have to work. Jenkins emphasizes that they should not do it if they are not part of activities considered essential. Click here to see the jobs that are in these categories.

Despite the authorities’ recommendations, dozens of people continue to visit the parks without respecting social distancing. Here we tell you what they say now about this.


Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins explained that a death from coronavirus was recorded at Edgemere, an adult assistance center. Also, he spoke about cases that have been recently registered in other centers, and about the importance of taking the necessary precautions if they have relatives in them.

Jenkins said they are also working hard to finish building a makeshift hospital in Dallas, and that he will soon have calls with medical center executives for the best way to use the resources.

On the prisons, the judge explained that he responded to Governor Abbott’s tweet as the measures he has taken did not seem correct to him. In other words, Jenkins believes that those who have not committed major or violent crimes should not be in prison at this time. He says that a different initiative should be taken given the circumstance that one is living with the virus.

One of the topics he also addressed is about recently suggested measures for construction workers, who are encouraged to practice social distancing at all times. The judge emphasized that they can be drastic measures, but they are also necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19.

To date, 549 cases have been reported in Dallas County, 11 deaths, and 2 people who have recovered.

Dallas construction workers react to new Dallas County measures to combat COVID-19. Here we tell you the details.


With new numbers of inmates infected with coronavirus is how county judge Clay Jenkins began the press conference on Thursday. Ahora, son 7 reos los que han dado positivo al COVID-19, también se indicó que 1 de las evaluaciones está pendiente, 3 personas tienen los síntomas y están esperando sus resultados, 2 oficiales, así como 4 personas del grupo médico están en cuarentena.

Jenkins también explicó que tuvo una llamada con el doctor Zerwass, quien está trabajando junto al gobernador de Texas Greg Abbott, para asegurar material médico. El doctor le confirmó que han asegurado 250 camas de hospitales, pero aún no han determinado dónde las pondrán.

También se explicó que han solicitado ayuda de la guardia nacional para propósitos de logística mientras abren otra parte del hospital Parkland para ubicar a las personas mientras están en cuarentena.

Jenkins enfatizó que la llegada de la guardia nacional no significa que entraremos en toque de queda, y tampoco vendrán a imponer reglas. Ellos vendrán con el único propósito de dar apoyo.

De igual manera, el juez explicó que existen otros condados, como Collin, que están trabajando con las órdenes de “quedarse en casa”, para evitar la propagación del coronavirus. El alcalde de Dallas, Eric Johnson y otros funcionarios, también están trabajando con el juez en planes sobre cómo pueden nuevamente reactivar la economía.

El doctor Phillip Huang, del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos del Condado Dallas (DCHHS, por sus siglas en inglés), dijo que se han registrado un total de 303 casos, 7 muertos, y 2 personas se han recuperado.

Oficiales también están solicitando más equipos de prueba de coronavirus para evitar que estos sufran una escasez, tal y como ocurrió esta semana en uno de los centros.


Durante la conferencia de prensa que se realizó la tarde del martes, el juez Clay Jenkins, comenzó explicando que aparte del primer caso de coronavirus en un reo que está en la cárcel del condado, también cuatro más dieron positivo tras tener fiebre.

Dichas personas han sido separadas para evitar el contagio de otros, aunque al mismo tiempo evalúan a los que estuvieron cerca de ellos.

De ser necesario, Jenkins explicó que están listos para ejecutar un plan de emergencia, el cual incluiría 114 camas en el edificio donde está una de las cortes (George Allen).

Pero algo que él dijo quería enfatizar, es el hecho de que esto no significaba que dejarán libres a los criminales, ya que a pesar que 3/4 de las personas detenidas aún son consideradas como sospechosas, otras han cometido delitos más serios, pero estos deberán permanecer en la cárcel.

El doctor Phillip Huang, del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos del Condado Dallas (DCHHS, por sus siglas en inglés), indicó que hoy, miércoles 25 de marzo, se reportaron 78 nuevos casos, lo cual significa que hasta el momento es un total de 247.

Tanto oficiales de la ciudad como autoridades de salud le piden a la comunidad continuar tomando las medidas necesarias para evitar el contagio de este mortal virus.


El juez del condado Dallas, Clay Jenkins, brindó una actualización sobre los esfuerzos que está realizando junto a autoridades de salud para tener un mayor control sobre la propagación del coronavirus.

Durante la conferencia de prensa que se realizó el martes por la tarde, el juez reconoció que es muy difícil la situación que se vive, especialmente para todos aquellos que no pueden ir a trabajar.

Sin embargo, Jenkins compartió el siguiente número de teléfono donde las personas pueden llamar para encontrar un trabajo: 1800-939-6631 o puedes presionar aquí. Estos trabajos son considerados como esenciales, por lo cual no tendrían limitaciones para salir de casa y realizar las labores asignadas. También, pueden llamar a Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas al 214-302-5555 o visitar el siguiente sitio de internet:

Clay Jenkins, juez del condado Dallas, aclaró quiénes son los que pueden salir de sus viviendas a pesar de la contingencia por el coronavirus. Aquí te compartimos los detalles.

Durante la conferencia, el juez también mencionó que si eres una persona retirada del sistema de salud, y quieres trabajar, entonces lo puedes hacer ya que ofrecerán excepciones. Puedes visitar el sitio web Dallas County Medical Society:

Jenkins enfatizó que los esfuerzos están valiendo la pena, incluso con el apoyo de algunos negocios donde están produciendo ciertos artículos antibacteriales para entregarles a sus oficiales. De hecho, compartió las siguientes imágenes de oficiales del orden que hoy recogieron dichos artículos de una compañía en el Metroplex:

Tanto el juez como el doctor Phillip Huang, del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos del Condado Dallas (DCHHS, por sus siglas en inglés), hablaron sobre la cancelación de aquellas cirugías que no sean necesarias debido a que están tratando de utilizar el equipo para otros propósitos relacionados con pacientes del coronavirus.


El lunes por la tarde, el juez Jenkins también aclaró las dudas de los residentes sobre las medidas que implementó el domingo, ya que hay ciertas excepciones sobre las mismas.

Entre ellas se incluyen las siguientes, es decir, pueden salir de sus viviendas las personas que realmente necesitan realizar o ser parte de estas actividades: Trabajadores de restaurantes, jardineros, lavanderías, cementerios, funerarias (siempre y cuando se mantenga distancia social), servicios para animales, centros de cuidados para niños aunque invitan a limitar el uso de estos servicios, trabajadores de construcción, trabajadores de limpieza de piscinas, trabajadores de limpieza de casas, personas que necesiten ir al supermercado, entre otros.

Algo que las personas no deben de hacer, es salir a trabajar si su oficina está en otro condado. Es decir, una persona que viva en Dallas, no puede salir de casa para ir a trabajar al condado Tarrant.

Jenkins sugiere que si existe algún problema con el empleador, entonces, las personas les compartan la orden que emitió el domingo, la cual puedes encontrar en su totalidad a continuación:

“Esperamos que la comunidad no tome ventaja de las excepciones”, dijo el juez del condado tras ser cuestionado sobre el hecho de que personas puedan utilizar dichas actividades como una excusa para estar afuera.

Jenkins enfatizó que es de suma importancia el seguir las recomendaciones de las autoridades para tener un mayor control del virus, ya que de lo contrario el violar las leyes podría llevar a multas de hasta $1,000.