Since the arrival of Tiago Nunes in charge of Corinthians, in early 2020, Danilo Avelar has been playing a different role than he was used to. Original left-back, the 30-year-old started to play for space as a defender. In an interview with Timão’s official YouTube channel, this Wednesday, Avelar said he is physically well and ready to face the challenge in defending Alvinegro.

“I am whole, ready to fight. I will face this as a defender and surprise him. It is a challenge that I and I am willing to do and give my best to help this Corinthians team to be at the top, where it deserves,” he said. .

Danilo Avelar said he wants to face the challenge of being a defender

Danilo Avelar also revealed that the idea of ​​becoming a defender arose at Torino, an Italian club that he defended for two seasons, and that decided to change positions after talking to Tiago Nunes.

“Actually, this is something that comes from the time of Torino. There, the defender has a much more defensive than offensive stance. At my height, many said that, in the future, I could have a legal success. Here in Brazil, as a full-back, I managed to score a few goals, reach the front and help a little bit back. Last year, I started thinking about playing back there. calm where he made me feel free to make a decision and said he supported me in any situation. I felt willing to accept this challenge and change my position, I think I can have a nice differential and help the team “, he said

In order to adapt, Avelar said that he is mirrored in some renowned players in world football. One of them is Sérgio Ramos, a Real Madrid defender who was a right-back early in his career.

“He is a person I am looking at. Sergio Ramos is a guy who was a defender, at the time of Sevilla, and later became a defender. He has some characteristics of a defender who goes to defender, but then the guys think I will do the same (laughs) I will definitely do my best in front of my limits, obviously, if one day I reach 10% of what that guy does, I will be fine. But you can be sure that there are several people that I look at, I see videos to adapt faster and get the job done “, he explained.

Finally, Danilo Avelar told about his dreams on and off the pitch, in addition to stating that he wants to end his career at Corinthians.

“I am retiring here at Corinthians. It is a desire that I have, to stay for more and more years. But I also want to win titles. Outside Corinthians, it is to have a professional success, to be able to fulfill my role on the pitch so that outside I have a personal accomplishment “, he concluded.

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