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To go announces the incorporation of new functionalities for Spaces. AI-enhanced meetings and video conferencing with Avaya OneCloud CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) technology can now be used to extend existing on-premises calling technology with Avaya Spaces.

Traditional communication systems and monolithic software solutions were never designed for today’s distributed work environments. According to one study, 76 percent of business users still rely on traditional PBX environments to carry out their calls, which typically operate independently of their modern collaboration technology. In order to realize the power of OneCloud CPaaS, Avaya Spaces connects sophisticated collaboration capabilities with existing business calling features to shape a unified and integrated all-in-one solution, with zero interruption in business. Users can take advantage of unlimited capabilities with the applications and tools they are already familiar with, enhancing employee experiences to generate better customer experiences.

“We designed Avaya Spaces to be an immersive collaboration platform that supports composable enterprise workflows, and enables organizations to operate at the speed of their customers and employees,” he said. Anthony Bartolo, Avaya Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer. “Businesses are adapting and scaling faster to meet the needs of this experience economy, migrating from monolithic software to more agile, service-based applications, and Avaya Spaces uniquely enables this leap forward. . Avaya Spaces users also benefit from cloud-based artificial intelligence and a clientless architecture for an exceptional, user-friendly experience. “

Avaya adds new functionality to Spaces.

To empower custom skill enhancement at scale, Toolwire, a leading designer of AI-powered learning platforms, leverages the capabilities of Avaya Spaces. “The past year has shown us the need for better remote learning solutions, and Toolwire is developing new, more powerful tools for our customers thanks to Avaya,” he said. John Valencia, President and CEO of Toolwire. “Thanks to its CPaaS architecture, Avaya Spaces is an extraordinary collaboration platform on which we can work, and that allows us to provide universities and companies of any size, the collaborative work capabilities they require to create innovative experiences and achieve the level desired within its digital transformation, one student at a time ”.

New Avaya Spaces features include:

Improved call system– Easily contact anyone inside and outside your organization through high-quality voice or video. Search and merge contacts from multiple devices, and transfer, merge, or manage multiple simultaneous calls for a simple conferencing system.

Create seamless workflows– Leverage APIs to easily take advantage of a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations designed specifically for CRM, customer service, RPA (robotic process automation), productivity, and more.

All the improvements to create more participatory meetings and reduce fatigue: Visually overlay speakers on presented material to more easily attract participants’ attention and maintain engagement.

Enjoy high-quality video and audio meetings, even from noisy locations including home offices. Is the dog barking? Outside. Are you going in a convertible without the top? Are you conducting the conference in front of the sea from your vacation destination? That is not a problem.

Increase participation: Hold interactive meetings with thousands of participants and take advantage of the “concert-style” screen for 61 participants.