Coach Paulo Autuori participated in a virtual press conference this Friday. The commander answered questions sent by journalists in a live on TV Botafogo. Early on, the coach criticized the desire of some clubs to seek the return of training in CT.

(Photo: Disclosure / Vitor Silva)

Photo: Gazeta Esportiva

“All clubs, most of them, at least those with sensitivity, are afraid of returning at the moment. There is no point looking at football as if it were on the sidelines of the real world. We are human beings. We really want to go back. to develop work with normality, but the need makes us think that it is not the moment. It is incredible how people are completely out of the minimum of common sense and sensitivity “, he said.


Autuori also spoke about the end of the Botafogo negotiations with Yaya Touré. He downplayed the issue and said he is focused only on the cast.

“I don’t usually lose focus on the essential. And the essential is our reality. I don’t comment on possibilities. I stay focused on what I have to do. I will work within our reality and valuing what I have. It is an outdated subject that I never took much of. We have a lot of things to think, to do, on and off the field. There’s no way to lose focus on what’s essential. Priorities are always needs, so I’m concerned with the group, ”he said.

Finally, the alvinegro commander praised the Japanese Honda. Autuori recalled that the midfielder asked not to receive wages during the football stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I worked for two years in Japan and I know at least the way the Japanese people live moments like this. They are used to going through complicated situations with a lot of discipline. Honda does not shy away from that. Even outside their country, in a place with mismanagement. It doesn’t surprise me, but I think it’s extraordinary. We also have other players willing to sacrifice at that moment. About Honda, it’s typical of the character of the Japanese and of Honda himself. We have to value everyone “, he commented.

The Botafogo squad conducts virtual training daily under the supervision of the technical committee. The board has already anticipated that it is against the return of essential works and is considering not competing for the rest of the Carioca Championship.

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